13 Myths About Toenail Fungus You Should Definitely Know

Myths About Toenail Fungus

The toenail fungus is the stubborn dermatological condition that requires long-term treatment and an excellent hygiene. So, it is vital to treat the fungal infection and the web is filled with lots of information about how to treat the fungal infection but unlikely, not all the information’s are believable. Here in this article, we are going to describe the most common myths about toenail fungus along with the facts.


Common Myths About Toenail Fungus

#1 Myth: Toenail Fungus Is Ugly And Painless

The fungal infected toenail is looked very ugly as the appearance changes and this is almost known that the infected toenail becomes yellow, white and black as well as changes the texture. This not only looks ugly but also higher the risk is nails as it becomes brittle or start crumbling and also painful when the infection is severe. So, it is needed to treat as this is not a harmless infection. And it is also found that if your immune system is weak, then the infection can leave you with other more serious infection.

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#2 Myth: Home Remedies Effectively Treat Toenail Fungus


Well, this is true but the risk of toenail fungus remains the same always. Some of the home cures are effective like Vicks vapor rub, tea tree oil; this has the antifungal properties and can treat the minor fungus. These can help you to mitigate the fungus but it always comes back. And also the home remedies are very slow to cure toenail fungus. So this is taken as a myth as it is not effective in treating the toenail fungus completely.

#3 Myth: Nail Polish Can Be Used To Prevent Toenail Fungus

This is the bigger myth that is in the mind of most of us. Nail polish does not have the ability to treat or avoid toenail fungal infections. But conversely, nail polish can trap moisture, and create an encouraging environment for growing and flourishing the fungus. The main culprit behind getting the fungal infection is the warm, dark and moist environment so consider this as a myth and avoid wearing nail polish very often, dry your feet well and use foot powder to absorb excess sweat.

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#4 Myth: You Don’t Require To Consult A Doctor

consult a doctor

This is the biggest mistake made by the people for treating the toenail fungus. Generally, people take in as a minor problem and start taking care of their own without going to the doctor or else resort the over-the-counter solutions or using home remedies.

Well, these are not valuable in every case and possibly leave the infection in a worse state. So, it is important to consult a doctor as he/she can access the nails state and determine the situation also p[provide the best course of treatment to get rid of the fungal infection completely.

#5 Myth: Toenail Fungal Infection Is Not Contagious

This is, unfortunately, biggest myth about toenail fungus, in reality, this is highly contagious and can be contracted from other fungal suffering people. The common causes of the getting the fungal infection are from the public places such as swimming pools, locker rooms or gyms. The dirty floor is a perfect breeding environment for fungi. So, it is compulsory to avoid sharing objects of personal hygiene with other people, avoid walking barefoot in public places and, every time when you are getting the pedicure, ask for a new set of tools or sterilized tools to be used.

#6 Myth: Toenail Fungus Can Be Cured Fast

cure toenail fungus

There is no any quick path for treating the toenail fungus. So avoid believing in the fast treatment of the toenail fungus. No, any treatment works as a miracle as even the fast treatment like using laser treatment can take about a year to grow out. So, this is considered as a myth as treating the toenail fungus fast is not possible in any case.

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#7 Myth: Toenail Fungus Can Be Treated With Antibiotics


This is commonly a misconception in treating the toenail fungus, it can be treated with the antifungal medication, whether topical or oral, but not only with the antibiotics. So, avoid taking the antibiotics only in treating the toenail fungus consult a doctor and take medicine as prescribed by him. And it is also found that antifungal medication is known to cause a number of side-effects.

# 8 Myth: Nail Should Be Removed To Treat The Fungus Completely

This is totally a myth as removing the toenail is a part of treatment. The nail serves as a protective layer and helps in keeping germs out of the body, so it is preferable to keep this line of defense intact. In some cases, nail debridement can be done by the podiatrist to cut a small portion of the infected nails.

#9 Myth: Fungal Infections Affect Fingernails Equally

fingernail issues

This is a myth, as toenail fungus is far more common than that of the fingernails. The fingernails are kept in the open air so it stays dry and therefore is protected against such kind of infections. And on the other hand, the toes are generally kept inside the shoes, and the dark, moist environment helps the fungus to grow fast.

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#10 Myth: Thick & Discolored Toenails Are Clear Sign Of Fungal Infection

Well, possibly the fungal infection causes the toenail to become thick and discolored but not always as factors are also responsible. So, consult a doctor to confirm the presence of fungal infection by diagnosis exclusively on the consideration of the affected toenails.

#11 Myth: Good Hygiene Prevents The Toenail Fungus

good foot hygiene

Well, it can’t be denied maintaining good hygiene is important to keep feet healthy but preventing toenail fungus from appearing is not true to some extent. In reality, toenail fungus can be identified in those who maintain excellent hygiene but present other favoring factors, like recent injuries, damage at the level of the nail bed or pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes, weak immune system, and many others.

#12 Myth: Toenail Fungus Go Away On Its Own

This is totally a myth as if the toenail fungus left untreated it starts spreading to the fingernails and skin. This also weakens the nail bed and causes the toenail to fall off as the nail fungus starts breeding in the nail tissues and goes in the nail that is completely surrounded with fungus. The people who are suffering from diabetes or circulatory disorders, toenail fungus can turn into an entry-point for infection to get into the body and cause an ulcer. So, this doesn’t go on its own you have to treat it with the effective treatment in its early stage.

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#13 Myth: Only Dirty People Get Toenail Fungus

dirty people gets toenail fungus

Toenail fungus is the irritating problem and is commonly called onychomycosis. Having toenail fungus doesn’t mean that this only affects dirty people, this is completely a myth. One thing to keep in mind is that fungus tends to grow in dark, damp places. And this is the reasons why our toes get fungus then that of fingers nails. So, having a fungus doesn’t mean you leave dirty this is totally a misconception.

Know More About Toenail Fungus Myths And Treatments

The Facts Regarding Toenail Fungus:

  • Toenail fungus is a common problem and is certainly not unusual or rare. This is generally found in adults; but, children can also suffer from toenail fungus.
  • Well, it is important to keep your feet dry and clean, but it is also found that many people who are extremely clean and hygienic can get the nail fungus. The fungus flourishes in warm, moist environments and walking barefoot in a public gym, pool deck, shower or other area increases the risk of developing a nail fungus.
  • Finding an effective cure for toenail fungus is the frustrating and time-consuming attempt. This is particularly true, people try a number of home remedies and even the medications prescribed by the doctor can take a time to treat the fungal infection.
  • Ignoring the signs of a toenail infection, in the hopes that it will go away. But the truth is, toenail fungus infection never goes of its own it needs treatment. Putting off treatment can allow the infection to become more severe, making treatment even more difficult.


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There are several people who have toenail fungus infection and they all have a clear mind makeup about some toenail fungus myths. So, here, in this blog, I have mentioned some common myths that generally people believe so easily. But, in actual they are absolutely wrong and doesn’t make any sense so that everyone can believe. So, just go through the above  toenail fungus myths carefully and stop believing them as a true fact.


13 Myths About Toenail Fungus You Should Definitely Know
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