9 Insane Ways To Get Rid Of Smelly Toenail

9 Insane Ways To Get Rid Of Smelly Toenail

Does your toenails lost its shine and emitting bad smell? Do you have any idea why your nails are stinking so much? Trying hard to get rid of bad smelly toenails but it embarrass you take off your footwear in public areas.

The foul odor will get stronger and this will affect your toenail health condition. If it is left untreated, the condition will gradually get worsen. If you are also dealing with this smelly nail fungus issue then just check out this complete post.  As, this post is written with the main prospective of providing information on how to get rid of smelly toenail gunk.

What Is Smelly Toenail Gunk?

All day long, your toenail and space in between your toes collect dirt and debris. Mainly there are two types of toenail debris: toenail jam and toenail cheese.

Toenail jam is a white stuff which gets deposited under the toenail and in corner of the toes. Presence of toenail jam makes your nail smell bad so it should be cleaned properly. Whereas when this white stuff under the toenail starts releasing cheesy smell then it’s a toenail cheese.

What Makes Your Toenail To Smell Bad?

Bad odor under toenails is usually occurs due to two pathogens: bacteria and fungus.  Both these pathogens show similar symptoms of bad smell. If the reason behind the foul smell of nail is bacterial infection then sufferer requires antibiotic therapy. But the main precaution that you need to follow before applying off the anti-biotic is cleaning the affected area completely and let it dry after tapping it with a clean towel.

The classical symptoms of smelly toenail infection after the attack of bacterial infection are; pus discharge under the toenail, problem of swelling/inflammation on affected toe and bad smell under nail etc.


Bacteria named “Brevibacteria” are found in human skin. Though they are harmless and reside mostly in the warm and moist areas of the body.  When this bacteria enters into the nail and starts growing; it starts emitting peculiar pungent smell like Sulphur. This also forms keratin deposition under the toenail.

How To Remove Smelly Toenail Gunk?

#1: Apply Vicks VapoRub

Vicks VapoRub

Well, this sounds ridiculous but this is effective to get rid of smelly stubborn toenails fungus. Vicks Vaporub is having antiseptic properties and is known as the antifungal agent. This contains eucalyptus oil and camphor which are highly effective in treating fungal infection.


Use this to get rid of toenail fungus make use of the cotton swab or disposable orange stick and small amount of Vicks and completely cover the nail, especially under the nail and down into the cuticle after that rub the Vicks thoroughly. For best result repeat the process twice daily, in the morning and evening.

#2: Use Mouthwash and White Vinegar


This is another effective home remedies that cure stubborn toenail fungus naturally. Mouthwash contains thymol and menthol and is naturally antifungal, brands like Listerine is highly effective in preventing fungus. White Vinegar is acidic and this is highly effective to remove toenail fungus infection.


So, wipe the Vicks off from your nails and soak your toes in the equal mixture of both ingredients for at least 1 hour.

#3: Make Cornmeal Paste

cornmeal paste

You can apply corn meal paste on the nails, for years this is used as a natural method for banishing fungus from the body. Hence this can be used as an effective treatment for stubborn toenail fungus.


All you need to do is to; make a cornmeal paste by mixing cornmeal and warm water to make a thick paste. Now rinse your feet with a lukewarm water and apply the paste over the toenail and affected area. For best result leave it for an hour and after that rinse it with lukewarm water and dries the feet completely.

#4: Make Tea


Pau d’arco tea is highly effective and precise for treating fungal infection. Some studies suggested that it is as effective as medication. This tea is made from the bark of a tree that is found in South America. This contains natural antifungal compounds so


Soak your feet in a blend made from two pau d’arco tea bags for at least 20 minutes, and after that rinse with lukewarm water.

#5: Apply Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil

This is almost known by many of use tea tree oil is effective in many ways and natural home remedy for treating various disease. For centuries, this is used widely for healing injuries in the skin and this is good enough in fighting against infections. Tea tree oil is known for its antiseptic properties and also has antibiotic properties that serve in fighting against ailments like skin infections, burns and much more.


To apply this oil to get rid of toenail fungus, first clean your toenail nicely with soap and then pour in a few drops of oil directly into the affected nail or soak a cotton ball in the solution and apply to affected nails pressing them gently but firmly so that the liquid comes out and let it dry out naturally . For best result apply this at least for twice a day.

#6: Apply Urea Paste

Urea Paste

This is the simple over-the-counter treatment for stubborn toenail fungus. This is an essential step as this suspends the diseased portion of the nail and leaves the healthy portion. This helps to get rid of the dead part of the nail and kill the infection. The whole natural process needed to be repeated once a day to get rid of stubborn toenail fungus.

#7: Use Minty Scrub For Your Nails

Make a minty scrub

Use minty scrub as this will remove the foul odor of your nails. Peppermint helps in giving cooling effect and also deodorizes the bad smelling skin. Whereas, sugar buff works in removing the dead skin cells.


To use this scrub use you need to combine 1 tbsp of oatmeal, 1 tbsp of cornmeal, 1 tbsp of sugar, and 2 tbsp dried peppermint in a bowl. Add 1 tbsp natural yogurt, juice of one lemon, and 5 drops of peppermint essential oil. Mix all these ingredients well and this will form a grainy paste. Now massage this paste into your foot area especially onto your toenails areas. Scrub it gently and after 20 minutes wash it off.

#8: Make Deodorizing Spray For Nails

Create A Refreshing Deodorizing Spray

Sage has such anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property which helps in reducing the bad odor of nails. You can also make a refreshing Deodorizing Spray to instantly suppress the bad smell of your toenail.


For this you need to pour 4 ounces of boiling water over 2 tbsp of dried sage. Now cover the lid and boil the mixture for 15 minutes. Now turn off the flame, strain and cool the solution. Add 4 tbsp of witch hazel and 10 drops of lavender essential oils to the strained water mixture. After then transfer the mixture into a spray bottle and keep it in your refrigerator. Whenever you use it just shake it well and

#9: Alternate Options: EmoniNail


Well, it is estimated that after following the above-mentioned treatments you can cure the cure stubborn toenail fungus. But it might happen that you are unable to treat the ugly stubborn toenail fungus or the process takes a long time to cure the fungal infection then you make use of this alternate option EmoniNail. This is highly effective in treating the toenail fungus from the roots of the problem. It is natural and FDA proven method to get rid of toenail fungus.

How To Prevent Bad Smelling Toenails?

After knowing about the remedies to treat smelling toenail; it’s high time to take some preventive measures to avoid bad smelling toenail is future. If you are worried about white smelly toenail gunk then strictly follow the prevention tips:

It is said that Prevention is Better Than Cure, so taking preventative measure is necessary as this will guarantee that once you get rid of the toenail fungus you won’t get it again or prevent toenail fungus from recurrence. Have a look

  • Maintain your feet and toes dry and let your shoes dry out after wearing them also try to change your socks regularly.
  • Stop wearing someone else shoes or socks as this raises the risk of smelly toenail infection.
  • If you are encountered with any wound on your feet then clean it with anti-bacterial lotion and keep the wound covered but not all the time.
  • Dry off your feet after washing or coming from rain. Keeping your feet more in longer contact with water encourages the chances of fungus grow.
  • Always wear cleaned or fresh pair of socks.
  • Try to wear shoes or sneakers which are made of good quality polymer and allow your feet to breathe.
  • Always try to keep your toenail clean and scrap away smell white gunk with of nail filler.
  • Utilize antifungal cream frequently; also use an antifungal spray in your shoes to prevent fungus from your skin.
  • Avoid sharing nail clippers or nail files.
  • Wear shower shoes or slippers while using public pool or communal showers
  • Choose spas that sanitize their basins and tools between each use.


Toenail fungus is the common problem but if this not treated completely this comes back, so it is needed to be treated on time. We tried our best to provide the best treatment and hope that the given treatment for stubborn toenail fungus works effectively and also prevent recurrence of toenail fungus from recurring. Apply them and make your feet healthy and beautiful.


9 Insane Ways To Get Rid Of Smelly Toenail Issues
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9 Insane Ways To Get Rid Of Smelly Toenail Issues
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