Splinter Hemorrhage: Know Its Causes, Symptoms, Treatments & More

Splinter Hemorrhage - Know Its Causes, Symptoms, treatments & More

When it comes to your health, you cannot sacrifice anything whether it is related to your face, hand or even feet. So, here in this blog, I am going to discuss a major issue related to your feet, most specifically toenails. Yes, the issue that I am going to discuss today is completely related to your toenails. The issue is “Splinter Hemorrhage on toenails”. Yes, this is a toenail issue that needs to be corrected as soon as possible to avoid any further health issues.


Well, I know that this term is quite difficult to understand and very rarely you may have heard this issue but this is contagious. So, there is a great need to to know how to get rid of Splinter Hemorrhages issue as soon as possible because it may lead you to face further health issues.

First of all, here you will get to know about Splinter Hemorrhage, and later on, its symptoms, causes, how to treat Splinter Hemorrhage on toenails. Let’s start with the first section of this blog which is about Splinter Hemorrhage.

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What Does A Splinter Hemorrhage Mean?

I think even if you have this issue, you don’t know much about it and so unable to treat it well. But now you have to don’t worry at all because here, you will get to know everything about Splinter Hemorrhage.

Splinter Hemorrhage on toenailsSplinter Hemorrhages are defined as the issue that happens to your fingernails as well as toenails. This Splinter Hemorrhage is just a tiny blood spot that used to appear underneath the toenails.

This issue used to look like splinters and take place when tiny blood vessels become damaged toenail bed and even burst. The toenail bed is referred to the skin underneath the toenail.

During this issue, a very small amount of blood from the damaged blood vessel becomes visible through the toenail. The bleeding used to create a splinter like a line in the direction of the toenail growth.

Now it’s time to know about the symptoms of Splinter Hemorrhage. So, read the below section of this blog to know the symptoms of this toenail issue.

Symptoms of Splinter Hemorrhage on Toenails

There are some common symptoms of Splinter Hemorrhage that lead to face you a toenail issue. This is a small amount of bleeding underneath the toenail. You may notice that a brown line or dark red along the toenail groove. And the dark streak generally closely resembles a splinter.

A Splinter Hemorrhage does not use to cause any physical pain. However, this toenail problem will not be noticed immediately. But, the exception is when a splinter hemorrhage takes place from an injury like hitting your toe or your finger. When anything happens like this then you may also have inflammation, swelling or even pain in your toes.

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What Can Cause A Splinter Hemorrhages on Toenails?

Do you know what causes Splinter Hemorrhages? Well, if you don’t know then don’t worry, just have a look at the below paragraph.

Splinter Hemorrhage can develop after you have trauma or injury to a toenail. You can toe or injury a finger can damage blood vessels along the toenail bed on the affected digit and trigger bleeding underneath the toenail.

Splinter Hemorrhage can be caused by injury for several reasons. The toenail will clear up as the injury heals. But most of the time a splinter hemorrhage indicates an underlying disorder or diseases.

Some of the most other common Splinter Hemorrhage causes  are as follows:

  • Toenail Fungal Infection: Toenail fungus infection can trigger thinning of the toenail bed and can cause possible blood vessel damage.
  • Bacterial Endocarditis: Bacteria in the bloodstream travels to the heart valve and causes Splinter Hemorrhage
  • Systematic Diseases: Systematic diseases cause inflammation in the blood vessel, just like a toenail psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, malignancies, peptic ulcer and lupus.
  • Cholesterol: This is another cause of Splinter Hemorrhage. The accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels of the toenails can result in damage of toenail.
  • Diabetes: If you are diabetic patient and so have high levels of glucose then it can damage your blood vessels.
  • Vasculitis: This is an issue that is caused due to damage of blood vessel which is further caused by inflammation.
  • Raynaud’s Disease: Sometimes fingers and toenails become oversensitive to coldness and it can further damage capillaries in the toenail bed.

These are some of the major causes of Splinter Hemorrhage and you should always try to get rid of these above causes so that you can avoid Splinter Hemorrhage. Now, in the next section, you will get to know about how Splinter Hemorrhage is diagnosed.

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How To Diagnose Splinter Hemorrhage?


When you experience even a minor bleeding from a splinter hemorrhage that is caused due to an injury. There is no reason to see a doctor. However, if a splinter hemorrhage takes place for an unknown reason or if you have bleeding in more than one toenail then you should definitely see a doctor. When you visit your doctor, he/she will ask about your medical history and your family medical history as well. After knowing, laboratory tests are done to determine the cause of splinter hemorrhages include:

  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate
  • Complete blood count
  • Blood culture

Also, your doctor may order imaging tests to look for abnormalities. These tests may include an echocardiogram and an X-ray which takes some pictures. Most of the time, it has been noticed that a hemorrhage under the toenail is a sign of melanoma. It is a type of cancer. If you doctor ever suspects a malignancy then they will definitely recommend a biopsy in order to determine whether the dark or black spots on toenail is benign or cancerous.

When You Need To Contact A Medical Professional

You need to contact your provider if you ever notice splinter hemorrhages and you even have not had any injury happened to your toenail. Splinter hemorrhages used to appear late in endocarditis. In some cases, some other symptoms will cause you to visit your doctor before this toenail issue takes place.

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Two Different Treatments For Splinter Hemorrhages

There are two different treatments available for splinter hemorrhage on toenails. The two different conditions are one with the people who have this issue due to trauma and other due to some other causes. In the first section, you will learn about how to treat splinter hemorrhages on toenails caused due to trauma.

Treat Splinter Hemorrhage on Toenails Caused Due To Trauma

There is no treatment essential for splinter hemorrhages that are caused by toenail trauma. However, the hemorrhages may generally clear up within a couple of days or even slowly disappear as your toenail grows out. And, this generally depends on the severity of the injury. It may take several months to disappear splinter hemorrhage as toenails grow at a slow speed. If you have pain following an injury to your toenail or fingernail, you can apply a cold compress to the area so that it can reduce the inflammation and swell as well.

Splinter Hemorrhage treatment on Toenails Caused Due To Other Causes

A splinter hemorrhage on toenails that is caused by disorder or diseases may clear up after treating or curing the underlying cause. So, the treatment for splinter hemorrhage varies on the types of the splinter hemorrhage on toenails. As for example, your doctor may sometimes prescribe medication or may even recommend an over-the-counter antifungal for this toenail issue that is caused by a fungus infection. Apart from these treatments, you may receive a prescription immunosuppressant or corticosteroid if the underlying cause is a systematic disease such as toenail psoriasis or rheumatoid arthritis. If you notice that splinter hemorrhages are side effects of any medication then the hemorrhage may disappear once you stop taking those medications.

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Are Splinter Hemorrhages Serious?

Generally, when splinter hemorrhages take place in large number then it becomes more suspicious of being assigns to a systematic disorder. Moreover, the occurrence of splinter hemorrhages in larger numbers in these situations. They also sued to occur with much greater frequency and in more locations. In such situation, they may be a sign of a connective tissue disorder like scleroderma or lupus which are quite serious and they require medical evaluation and treatment. So, we can say that Splinter Hemorrhage is also a serious issue.


After reading all the above sections of this blog related to splinter hemorrhage, you may have seen that what this is and what causes it. Also, you may get here the best treatments of splinter hemorrhage according to the conditions of having splinter hemorrhage. However, the splinter hemorrhage treatments are easy and so it can be treated well soon.


Splinter Hemorrhage: Know Its Causes, Symptoms, Treatments & More
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