5 Natural Ways To Treat Discolored Nails During Pregnancy With No Side Effects

Treat Discolored Nails During Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with a lot of different changes to a woman’s body. When a woman gets pregnant, several changes made in her body. During pregnancy, nails are also noticeable by several women because they generally become discolored.

Sometimes, extra hormones make them grow faster and become stronger. Well, if they grow faster, then cutting the nail is the simple solution, but, what, if it becomes discolored?

So, here, in this blog, you will learn what causes nails to become discolored during pregnancy and what can be done to makes the nails look normal. So, if you are interested enough to know then start going through the below sections of this blog.


Toenail Discoloration During Pregnancy

Discolored Toenail

Nails are comprised of hardened, living cells and they may become infected due to several reasons like pregnancy, physical ailments and others. During pregnancy, not only nails but some other changes are also made.

But, if you find that your toenails have become discolored you should get worried at all. This is very normal in pregnancy. But, do you know what is the meaning of discolored nails? Well, let me make this clear that when your toenail’s color changes and turn to black, brown, yellow or dark blue in color then it is said to be nail discoloration.

And this generally happens when you get any injury or any disease like diabetes, liver or kidney issue or if you are pregnant.

So, do not worry if it happens because there are several ways with the help of which you can easily get rid of discolored toenails.

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How To Get Rid Of Discolored Nails During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, consumption of any kind of medicine other than the prescribed one strictly prohibited. This is because it may affect your normal health during pregnancy.

So, taking any kind of medication to get rid of discolored toenails is not the right solution. But, you can try some natural treatment done at home and they are very safe to apply. They do not show any side effects and don’t even affect your normal health.

So, if you are the one who is having discolored toenails or fingernails during your pregnancy period then you can try these natural ways right now.

You can clean your toenails with these below ingredients and makes your toenails clear in easy ways. Look below to know what they are:

#1: Try Lemon Juice


Most of the people try to bleach their nails to clean their nails. But, this can be very dangerous to do during pregnancy. However, you can make use of lemon juice instead as a natural bleaching agent.

You can rub lemon directly on your nails after cutting in two halves. Or, you can also fill a bowl with lemon juice and dip your nail brush. After this, you can use that nail brush to scrub on. This can be the simple solution to clear discolored toenails.

#2: Make Use of Baking Soda

baking soda

Baking soda is a natural whitening and abrasive agent. This ingredient will help you to make your toenails or fingernails brighter. Baking soda soaks up all stains from toenails and fingernails that could be lurking on the nail’s surface.

You can make a paste with three tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. With the use of nail brush, you can apply the solution on and underneath the affected toenails or fingernails. After this, you can sit for five minutes before you rinse and dry it well.

#3: Apply Orange Peel

orange peel

In every nail whitening product, citrus is the main ingredient present in it. Citrus contains natural bleaching properties and vitamin C as well. We all know that vitamin C is present in orange and so it helps to restore your toenails or fingernails to their nail color.

To make use of orange peel, you can rub the peel over the affected toenails or fingernails and there is no need to rinse your nails at all. But make sure that the nails are dry afterward.

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#4: Try Vinegar Like Apple cider Vinegar


Vinegar has antifungal and anti-bacterial properties that may help you clear your nails completely. It used to fights off the fungus or bacteria that cause your nails to become discolored. You can also make use of apple cider vinegar to treat discolored toenails or fingernails.

To make use of vinegar, you can take a bowl to soak your feet or fingers. Now combine water and vinegar in equal amount and then soak your feet in it for about 30 minutes. Now pat dry with a soft towel and let the feet air dry and then massage the toes with mixture of any carrier oil with tea tree oil.

#5: Nail Whitening Kits

nail kit

There are several nail whitening kits available in the market. They are generally designed to whiten your toenails and get rid of toenail discoloration during pregnancy.

These kits can be very effective but you should first read and understand the ingredients present in it. Try to stay away from the bleaching agents that could even damage your nails or the surrounding areas.

These are some of the most common natural treatment you can try at home to get rid of nail discoloration during pregnancy. However, you can also this toenail condition if you follow some easy to apply tips. Below, you will look at some prevention that should be followed to avoid having discolored toenails or fingernails even if you are pregnant.

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Tips To Prevent Toenail Discoloration

If you have discolored toenails or fingernails, due to any reason can be embarrassing. It is true that you may not want to wear open-toed shoes and you might hide your feet as much as possible.

There are several causes of discolored toenail. It is not possible to prevent toenail discoloration. You may have a look at the below tips to keep your toenails clean and clear all the time.

Never Wear Another Person’s Shoes:

Wear Shoes That Fir Properly

No matter how well you know someone, you don’t know what’s going on with their feet. So, wearing old shoes or borrowing someone’s shoes for a day to save money is not a good idea. Due to this, you may have fungus infection or may even have discolored toenail.

Prevent The Infection From Spreading:

infection from spreading

Some conditions that cause discolored toenails can spread very quickly. If you notice that your toenail colors is changed then try to prevent the infection from spreading. The best way to do this is to clip your nails and then rub the affected nails with an antiseptic solution.

Wear Shoes That Fits Properly:

Wear Shoes That Fir Properly

If you wear ill-fitting shoes during your pregnancy period then it may cause nail problems like having fungus infection or discolored toenails. So, try to wear shoes that are not ill-fitted and can be easily fit.

Eat a Protein-Rich Diet:

protein-rich food

It is very important to have mineral and vitamin rich diet during pregnancy but along with this, you are also required to have protein-rich diet that may help you get rid of several issues. Toenail discoloration is one of the major issues that take place during pregnancy, so if you eat a protein-rich diet, you may avoid having discolored toenails or fingernails.

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Having discolored toenails during pregnancy is very common. But, getting rid of it without affecting your own health is very important at this point of time. No one takes chances of taking any medicines without doctor’s prescription and so it is a good idea to try some natural treatments.

You can try the above natural treatments to cure discolored toenails during pregnancy with an ease. They are very safe and there is not even a single side effect found while applying these treatments in pregnancy.


5 Natural Ways To Treat Discolored Nails During Pregnancy With No Side Effects
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5 Natural Ways To Treat Discolored Nails During Pregnancy With No Side Effects
If you are pregnant and have noticed that you have discolored toenails then you should know why does it happen and what can be done to cure toenail discoloration during pregnancy. They are very effective and easy to apply.
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