How To Treat Onycholysis (Shrinking Nail Bed) Issue

How To Treat Onycholysis Shrinking Nail Bed Issue

Does clipping of your nail too short and too often causing your nail bed to shrink? Well if you are thing that just by growing out your nail can fix this shrinking nail bed issue then you are totally wrong. As, this cause the nail bed to grow longer either and sometime this could cause your nail bed to appear shorter.

All in all it’s a minor nail casualty which causes nail separation towards the nail tip. In order to keep your nail beds healthy and looking as long as they should you need to grab some more information regarding nail shrinking. As, this will helps your nail to be safe aide from such things which harms your nail bed very badly.

Nails can go through several infections by themselves which need not have underlying causes. This can damage several part of your nail tissues. Out of various nail disorder today we will discuss about onycholysis. So let’s get started….with its brief introduction.

What Is Onycholysis?

What Is Onycholysis

Nail shrinking in medical terms known as onycholysis. In this nail condition; the nail gets shrunken, losses its shine and nail starts falling off frequently. Many times human muscles are described as “atrophied.” Well in this condition muscles have decreased in size, weakened, and have generally lost the ability to perform as expected.

The same case things happen, when the nail is atrophied and these results in losing the healthy look of your nail and shrinking the nail size.  Unlike muscle, nail fails to regain back its vitality and health. Once the nail is atrophies, the condition is known as onycholysis or shrinking nail bed issue.

Even some medical condition or changing the nail shape or the contour of soft tissue bed beneath imparts to this nail shrinking. In these situations, your nail can’t attach smoothly to nail bed and thus it faces nail separation or ripped toenail like issues.

  • Fungal infections of nail thicken the tissues immediately under the nail plate and thus the edges of your nail gets lifted up. This results in shrinking of the nail bed.
  • Skin condition such as psoriasis also imparts to onycholysis.
  • Frequent usage of some medicines like psoralen, tetracycline or fluoroquinolone groups reacts to sun exposure and results to lifting away from its bed.
  • Apart from these, overactive thyroid and iron deficiency are two other medical conditions which are associated to onycholysis.

What Are The Sign and Symptoms of  Onycholysis?

Symptoms of  Onycholysis

Nail has lifted from its bed because its end can have an irregular border between the pink portions of the nail and white outside edge of the nail. Well as per the causes of the onycholysis, nail may have collected thickened skin under the edge of its nail plate or it may caught into the issue like nail deformity, bending of the nail edges or coarse thinking of the nail.

  1. Rough border between nail bed’s pink flesh and the yellow edges nail
  2. Your Detached nail starts appearing opaque, yellow or may turn green in color.
  3. Nail shape and size become irregular
  4. Nails can break off easily in bits and chunks.

What Are The Causes Of Onycholysis?

Causes Of Onycholysis

However, from person to person this onycholysis varies. Let’s look at some of the primary causes of onycholysis:

  • Chemical interaction, such as nail polish, nail polish remover, or household cleaners
  • Commonly occurs due to fungal infections, psoriasis.
  • Medicine reaction also causes detaching of nail from its nail bed. It may be due to underlying medical issues.
  • Frequent Trauma when you are in your profession or dusting at home you may get repetitive nail injury like this.
  • In many salons aggressive attempt to clean the inner portions of nails, slowly does nail lifting from the nail bed and thus this results to onycholysis.
  • Longer time period work with water also put harsh effect on the development of onycholysis.
  • Certain skin problems like Psoriasis and contact dermatitis also results to the occurrence of onycholysis as consequence.
  • Most of the time it is seen that because of the Allergy from the nail glue resulting in causing onycholysis.

If any of the above mentioned causes of onycholysis won’t matches with your nail condition. Then the chances are also that first symptoms of something are more serious which is going within your body.

Other health problem which causes onycholysis includes:

  • thyroid disease
  • a severe yeast infection
  • vitamin and mineral deficiencies

How To Diagnose Onycholysis?

How To Diagnose Onycholysis

Doctor will examine onycholysis after examining your fingernails or toenails. If the cause of onycholysis is not obvious, then doctor will start looking for the additional characteristics of your nails such as its shape, color, pitted nail surface, appearance of the skin around the nail etc. sometime doctor also check for the evidence of thyroid problems or skin rashes.

If doctor suspects any kind of fungal infection behind the nail changes then doctor will scrape a sample tissues present under the nail plate. Then further this sample is given to the laboratory for checking about the fungal infection.

How To Treat Nail Bed Shrinking(Onycholysis)?

Treat Nail Bed Shrinking

A portion of the nail detached from nail bed due to nail bed shrinking can be prevented with trimming of the nail close to place where it gets separated from nail beds. To treat this off, physician suggests the following treatments, so have a look over them.

  • Treatment for iron deficiency and hyperthyroidism allows normal growth of nails.
  • Many effective oral prescriptions available to treat fungal nail infections in markets today.
  • corrective insoles in your shoes
  • start taking vitamin B supplements
  • intake of thyroid supplements

If you are a diabetes sufferer then change your diet and medications. When nail shrinks down it starts moving inwards to your nail bed and this causes ingrown toenail. Doctor also suggests drugs to relieve pain accused by ingrown nail.

Try Emoninail:


As, it is seen that nail fungus are the root causes behind this shrinking of your nail. So, if nail fungus are completely been removed from your nail bed then the shrinking of your nail bed issue automatically get cured. To stop further spreading of your nail fungus infection, just try the ultimate solution i.e Emoninail.

It is the most recommended solutions to cure any kind of nail fungal infection. It’s a popular FDA approved OTC nail fungus treatment product which effectively cure all types of your toenail fungus problems.

This product is made with all natural ingredients without mixing of any harmful substances. Thus it works great under the surface of nails to kill the nail fungus and helps to get healthy skin around the nail. When this Emoninail is applied in the affected area, these ingredients are transmitted into the blood stream and start fighting against the nail fungus.

However, these anti-fungal medicines have potential side-effects and can be costly so if you want some safe site way for onycholysis treatment then check out our next section i.e Home Remedies for nail shrinking.

Home Remedies For Nail Shrinking Or Onycholysis:

1# Try Press-On Nails

Try Press-On Nails

If you have a habit of biting of your nail all the time then try to leave this as soon as possible. As, this will start weakening your nail bed and ultimate your nail starts falling off. Try press on manicure procedure as this will help protecting your nails originality.

2# File Your Nail Instead Of Cutting

File Your Nail Instead Of Cutting

If you are troubling with the lengthening of your nails bed then refraining is the best way to avoid nail bed shrinking issue than cutting your nails. You need to file up your nail to the desired length rather than using nail clippers. As, this will help in easier growth of nail matrix. Also this will prevent inadvertently damaging of the skin underneath the nails.

3#Use A Nail Brush

Use A Nail Brush

Make use of a nail brush to clean underneath nails. Scarping and picking dirt from the nail bed could cause some damage to your skin, so gently use nail brush to sweep about debris without harming your nail beds.

This will prevent permanently shortening of your nail bed and also improve the nail health, appearance.

4#Use Proper Footwear

Use Proper Footwear

Synthetic dyes and irregular size of footwear is the main cause of your nail shrinking. In order to prone from any kind of nail problem, always wear clean, and dry cotton socks. You can also use the moisturizer resistant socks and change its pairs to avoid the risk of nail infection.

Comfy shoes are very much essential for reliving the nail shrinking issue. So, change your ill-fitting footwear often and buy only natural fabric footwear.  Perfect fitting shoes that fit your arch type provide good support to your foot and don’t push your nails in front. This ultimately helps in avoiding the pressure on your toenail. Thus you won’t face any nail shrinking or nail trauma.



For keeping your Nail bed healthy it’s highly recommended to moisturize your hand and nails. You can use any hand cream or cuticle oils then use it at least once in a day.

6#Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 deficiency is the main cause of nail shrinking. Vitamin B3 is also known as niacin and it contains several of the health benefits. This helps in improving the blood circulation throughout your body and also prevents the rupturing of nerves which ultimately helps in strengthening the nerves. This results in treating the nail shrinking issue.

Intake enough amount of vitamin B3 through diet. The items that are rich in vitamin b3 whole grain products, egg yolks, yogurt, wheat germ, milk, green vegetables, wheat bran, brewer’s yeast, peanuts, peas, beans. If you want to Vitamin B3 supplements then take it after consulting with your doctor.

Prevention Tips For Onycholysis:

Prevention Tips For Onycholysis

It’s not possible to prevent onycholysis but you can avoid this up to much extent. Just by trying out the following preventive measures.

  • Don’t wear warm, wet shoes for prolonged time period.
  • Make a habit of wearing proper footwear or gloves meanwhile exercising or while doing any manual labor.
  • Try to keep psoriasis controlled with therapies and medications.
  • Eat a balanced diet supplement with vitamin D and iron as this will help in controlling the thyroid conditions.
  • Rest your foot as often as you can as this will help in proper blood flow though out your foot including nails bed. This ultimately prevent the shrinking of your nail bed.
  • If you use insoles, pad or inserts (orthotics) then change them regularly in order to allow proper support nail and complete of your foot.


Underlying condition of nail bed shrinking can be treated and under control. Onycholysis usually clears up with course of few months.

If the above solution fails to treat the underlying causes of nail shrinking then it may result in further medical complications or nail failing like issues. So, it’s very important for you to follow your doctor’s recommendation in order to ensure correct treatment of underlying condition.

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