How To Repair Damaged Toenail Bed With Natural Ways

repair damaged toenail bed

Having thickening or discolored toenails may be a sign of toenail fungus infection. This is the common case for most of the people. Sometimes it may be signs of trauma. And due to this your toenail bed gets damaged.  But, do you have any idea what is toenail bed and how can you repair damaged toenail bed?


If no, then don’t worry at all because here in this blog, you will get to know everything about toenail bed fungus and how to get rid of damaged toenail bed. Also, you will get some toenail bed care tips that will prevent you suffer from damaged toenail bed.

What is Toenail Bed Fungus?

toenail bed

Well, toenail bed fungus, also known as onychomycosis is an infectious fungus that can easily spread in moist and warm conditions. This infection can be found easily in public places like saunas, gym showers, swimming pools, etc.

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Once the fungi found a new place to attack, they are very hard to remove or completely finish them. And that is why lots of people wear flip-flops or water sandals in these kinds of places.

What may happen if the nail bed is damaged?

After a person come in contact with the toenail bed fungus infection, he/she will not see any damage until the toenail becomes discolored, thickened toenail or sometimes a foul odor.

If you don’t treat this damaged toenail bed soon then it can worsen to the point that you may also lose your toenail. So, in order to treat damaged toenail bed fungus, there is a great need to follow the below-mentioned ways.

Natural Ways To Repair Damaged Toenail Bed

Natural Ways To Repair Damaged Toenail Bed

There are some natural ways with the help of which you will be able to get rid of damaged toenail bed. So, follow these ways and try these damaged toenail repair tips as soon as possible to fix damaged toenail bed.

Natural Way #1:

At first, you need to inspect your toenail. If you find that your toenail is yellow or the skin around and beneath it is inflamed or red then you may have an infection. So, try to schedule an appointment with the doctor to receive an accurate diagnosis and a prescription antibiotic cream so that it can kill the infection, Also, it will help you prevent further damage to toenail bed.

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Natural Way #2:

Try to make use of a moisturizer on your toenails in the night time. You need to apply a small amount of vegetable oil to each toenail so that it can prevent dryness and cracking the toenails.

Natural Way #3:

Always trim your toenails on a regular basis. However, you might like to completely leave the toenail with the damaged bed alone. But trimming your toenails will prevent breaking, splitting or cracking of the toenail and this will further delay healing and cause more damage to the toenails.

Natural Way #4:

Try to take supplements that can strengthen your toenails and encourages you to heal and prevent future damage.  In this case, a vitamin D supplement, Biotin is very helpful at restoring damaged toenail bed and other toenail infections.

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These are some of the best natural ways to treat damaged toenail bed. All these ways are the safest and the effective treatments to repair damaged toenail bed. Apart from these natural ways to treat damaged toenail bed, there are some common tips as well that will help you prevent damaged toenail bed. Try to follow these tips as well and get beautiful toenails always.

To know more natural ways to treat damaged toenail bed, click here!!!

You can also watch this video to repair damaged toenail bed:


Some Effective Tips To Prevent Damaged Toenail Bed

You can follow these below tips to prevent damaged toenail bed. These are easy to follow and these below tips can be followed in your daily routines so there is no need to give any extra time from your precious time.

Tip #1: Keep Your Toenail Well Oiled


Every toenail expert swears by regular oiling your toenails. You need to rub oil in the cuticles once in a day in order to stimulate toenail growth and also keep over-grown cuticles under control. To cover your oiled toenails, you can also try treatment kit for damaged toenail bed. Treatment kits used to contain their restoration base coat that can help you rebuild the toenail with intensive strengtheners and healing Echinacea. This is the Brilliance top coat that helps your toenails and is formulated with UV protection in order to prevent yellowing and the Phenomen Oil. It is highly penetrative toenail nourisher.

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Tip #2: Keep Your Toenail Covered

covered toenails

A great ultimate toenail myth for us is as follows – “There’s nothing wrong with wearing nail polish full time, your nails don’t need to breathe – that’s a wives tale”. So forget about going ‘on a break’ with your nail polish collections.

However, you can always paint your toenails to keep them protected from further damage. Even if you use just a treatment basecoat, it will prevent breakages and protect them from the drying effects of water and any products that are harsh cleaning agents.

Tip #3: Choose a Quick and Efficient Remover

toenail removal

No matter whatever you polish, the removal process is quite drying. It would be better if you try a gentle nail polish remover.  Do not look for acetone-free remover because if you search for the ingredients, you will find acetone in all the removers. Because only acetone helps you remove nail polish. It is the only effective way to remove nail polish.

Tip #4: Rehydrate Your Toenails

hydrate your toenail

If you have dry nails then it means you will surely damaged toenails. So, it is very important to make sure that you rehydrate them as you would your skin. For rehydration of toenail, you need to use a hand cream along with the cuticle oil before popping on a pair of cotton gloves overnight.

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Tips #5: Have A Salon Treatment

nail salon treatment

Try to get a salon treatment to prevent damaged toenail bed. This kind of treatment used UV light and heat to help penetrate a blend of avocado oil and jojoba oil and some toughening agents as well deep into the nail. It also combines nail layers together with little flexible polymer links. This kind of treatment generally takes 45-minute treatment promises in order to repair your talons.


If you ever find that your toenail bed has become damaged then you can try these above ways to treat damaged toenail bed. Apart from the natural ways, you can also find some tips that can help you prevent damaged toenail bed. Or if you ever find that you have toenail fungus infection, then you can easily cure toenail fungus with an ease. If you have any suggestion then you can write in the below section.


How To Repair Damaged Toenail Bed With Natural Ways
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