Funginix Review – Best Topical Solution To Cure Toenail Fungus Permanently

Funginix review

Toenail fungus, also known as Onychomycosis is contagious. You have to suffer a lot when you have toenail fungus infection. Well, if you have toenail fungus then don’t worry just try to cure toenail fungus infection with the help of Funginix. This is a special product that can be very effective for you to treat toenail fungus. So, get to know everything about Funginix review including its ingredients, side effects, pros, cons, application process and more.

About Funginix Funginix-treatment

Funginix is the best combination of essential oil, anti-fungal agents and fungus-fighting extracts. When it comes to the most powerful anti-fungal solution, Funginix is the best one. Funginix is the topical product which has been specifically designed to relieve toenail fungus. It is a condition that is caused due to the presence of a fungus living in and underneath the toenail bed. It makes it more difficult to reach and so it is quite difficult to kill. The protected and the cool area underneath the toenail used to provide the growing condition for dermatophytes. Funginix cures all the toenail fungus issues within a very period of time. This product has FDA approved ingredients for toenail fungus.

Funginix Toenail fungal treatment

Who Is It For?

Those who are suffering from toenail fungus infection may use this effective toenail fungus treatment.  So, if you are the one who is suffering from this infection then you can definitely use this product.  If you have toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, then you should try this Funginix nail treatment.

Ingredients Present in Funginix

almond oil

  • Prunus amygdalis dulcis (Sweet Almond) oil: Almond oil is major oil and it has been used for several years. This oil used to facilitate the ingredients to reach deeply into the toenail and the surrounding tissues. Almond oil used to reduce the itchiness and also soothes the inflamed tissue.
  • Oleth-10 Phosphate: Oleth-10 Phosphate is kind of emulsifier that used to bind ingredients together. This product is used to very face for topical use.
  • Water: Water used to serve as a base for ingredients and it enhances easy application of the product.
  • Triethanolamine: This chemical ingredient is used to improve the texture of the blend and also it helps enhances the absorption of the healing ingredients.
  • Acrylates Copolymer: Acrylates Copolymer is an active ingredient that is generally considered as safe.
  • Polysorbate 20: This ingredient acts as an emulsifier and is also considered as safe. Also, this is the best active ingredient for nail fungus treatment.
  • Uva Ursi (Bearberry) Extract: This is a mineral rich herb and it is generally used for internal use.
  • undecylenic-acidUndecylenic Acid 10%: Undecylenic acid used to destroy the fungus and help you get relief from burning and itchiness of the toenail fungus. This ingredient should be used on children who are under age of two. Also, there is no need to use this product for more than one month without taking any expert’s advice.
  • Propylene Glycol: Propylene Glycol used to serve as a solvent for other ingredients. This ingredient can be used for internal and external use.
  • Propolis Extract: This extract is a concentrated healing substance that is made by bees. Also, this ingredient used to fight infections.
  • Beta- Glucan: Beta-glucan is an ingredient that can enhance the activity of the immune system.
  • Camphor: This ingredient used to give a cooling sensation which helps relieves itchiness and reduce discomfort.
  • Aloe Barbadensis Juice: Aloe Barbadensis Juice helps reduce the inflammation and it should not be applied to deep wounds or if a staph infection is present.
  • tea tree oilMelaleuca Alternifolia (Tea tree leaf) oil: Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea tree oil) is a wide array of microorganisms like fungi. The discomfort and itchiness occur due to toenail fungus can be easily cured with this ingredient.
  • Menthol: This ingredient used to promote a cooling sensation to the fungus area.
  • Jasminum Officinale (Jasmine) oil: Jasmine oils used to relieve itchy, dry or even peeling skin. It helps your toenail fungus to reduce sensitivity.
  • Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) oil: Clove oil helps kill fungi as well as other microorganisms. This ingredient is a long history of use by alternative and conventional health care practitioners.
  • Ethylhexylglycerin: Ethylhexylglycerin ingredient is generally found in topical preparations used to get rid of itchiness and inflammation.
  • Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) oil: Lavender oil used to inhibit microbial growth, helps you get relief from itchiness and also supports toenail healing.


  • Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E): Vitamin E used to provide nourishment and antioxidants. This ingredient used to stabilizes other ingredients. Vitamin E used to heal the toenail fungus very effectively.
  • Cetyl Hydroxyethylcellulose: Cetyl Hydroxyethylcellulose is a compound and is derived from plants.This can be used to improve the texture of the product. It is quite safe for topical use.
  • Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Flower oil: Flower oil is present in Funginix that helps to reduce inflammation.
  • Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) seed butter: Cocoa butter generally provides moisture and lubrication.
  • Phenoxyethanol: Phenoxyethanol is an ingredient that is used in topical preparation used to reduce irritation.
  • glycerinGlycerin: Glycerin is another ingredient present in Funginix that sued to help to balance the moisture content of the nails and the skin. It generally used to help the active ingredients to enter the deeper tissues.


Does Funginix Work?

Well, yes, Funginix used to contain powerful blend of some active ingredients such as camphor herbal remedies, Undecyclenic Acid for toenail fungus and tea tree oil. These ingredients are derived from the research of both herbal and traditional medicine on the best toenail fungus treatment. Not even single side effects have been observed. Funginix toenail fungus treatment can be used to treat several types of toenail fungus.

How Does Funginix Work? 

working of funginix

The manufacturer of Funginix states that this product starts to work within two weeks of starting treatment. Funginix used to contain a powerful blend of active ingredients such as camphor herbal remedies, undecyclenic acid for toenail fungus and tea tree oils. The combinations of all these ingredients are derived from the research of both herbal and traditional medicine on the best toenail fungus cure. Funginix can be applied to treat different types of toenail fungus. This toenail fungus is very ideal for mild to medium-high level of infection level. If you notice that your infection level is aggressive then there are other options like prescription medications, laser therapy, oral treatments, etc.

How To Apply Funginix Toenail Fungus Treatment

There are three main steps that can be followed in order to apply Funginix toenail fungus treatment. To know what are they, look below:

step 1Step 1:

Before you apply Funginix, you need to keep your feet very clean and dry throughout the day.


Step 2:  step2

Apply Funginix nail treatment twice a day. Once before you put your socks or shoes in the morning, apply Funginix on it and once before you go to bed as well.


Step 3: 

You can use the brush applicator to work Funginix deep under the toenail bed and a finger. Or you can also use a cotton swab to work Funginix into the cuticle of each affected toenail.

How Long Does it Take to Cure the Toenail Fungus?

As you know that the fungus lives within the toenail bed so the solution needs to be much effective that it can reach the infected area to prevent it from growing. If you use Funginix in order to treat the toenail infection, all of the fungus should be killed and a healthy and a new healthy and strong toenail will grow in just 6 months. The topical solution of this product should begin working within 2 weeks when you apply this to your infected toenails.

Is Funginix Safe To Use?

Yes, Funginix is very safe to use. There is not even a single side effect have been yet observed by the experts. So feel free to use this product at any time for curing toenail fungus infection.

Is Funginix Right For you?

Yes, Funginix is definitely right toenail fungus treatment for you. If you have toenail fungus infection, then you should definitely use this product as I have seen that there are so many people who have experienced a very good curing process. I read so many testimonials in which people have mentioned that how this product has proven the best for them to know how to cure toenail fungus permanently.

Before And After Of Funginix

The results after applying Funginix to the affected toenail fungus can be seen in the below image. In the very beginning, there is a great fungus infection found in one’s toenail but after applying Funginix to it, the fungus became clear.

Image 1:



Image 2:


Customers Reviews 



More Reviews…

Review#4: After using Funginix for 5 months, it cured my 17 long years of living with toenail fungus. I am now fungus free and I can wear sandal without any hassle.

Review #5: After 10 years of losing my big toenail I started using Funginix and I have noticed that my big toenail is growing so good. All thanks to Funginix.

To know more reviews, you may visit the official website.


Guarantee 60-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee-1

Well, it is confirmed that Funginix will definitely work on your toenail fungus infection. But, in case, if you ever buy this product from us and find that it’s not working then you have a 60 days money back guarantee option. Yes, this option is available here and so if you do not find this product effective then you can return it back to us without facing any kind of inconvenience.

Funginix Offers

Funginix toenail fungus treatment provides you the following offers. Have a look at them:

1 Bottle for $49.95
BUY 2 Get 1 Free for $99.95
BUY 3 Get 2 Free for $139.95

Funginix – Pros And Cons

There is always a bad thing hidden in every good thing. Same happens with the Funginix as well. Below, you will look at some pros and cons related to the Funginix toenail fungus treatment:


  • Funginix has the highest success rates as compared with other similar OTC products for toenail fungus.
  • The ingredients present in manufacturing Funginix are very effective against the toenail condition.
  • This product is very easy to apply on your toenails as each bottle comes with a topical brush.
  • There is no need to get a prescription from a doctor to buy this product.
  • Funginix is absolutely a risk-free product for 60 days as it offers 60 days money back guarantee option.


  • Funginix does not work with 100% success rate exactly like other OTC treatments.
  • You cannot get Funginix in local stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to apply Funginix more often than twice a day?
Yes, it is a very good idea to use if you are the one whose feet perspire on a regular basis. And, if you are not then you can apply gentle coats of Funginix throughout the day. But, remember that if you are applying Funginix twice a day then don’t over-apply it.
Why should I use a topical solution instead of other methods?
You should use a topical solution only because topical solution like Funginix is very easy to apply and it has no side effects at all. Topical solutions are actually best suited to get rid of mild to medium-high level infections. And I can say that Funginix is the best topical solution because it has several active ingredients and organic minerals.
Is it safe to use Funginix while nursing or pregnant?
Well, absolutely it is safe to use the product even if you are nursing or pregnant. This is because it has been formulated to be 100% safe for mothers who are pregnant or nursing. Nursing babies and children are also completely risk-free.
Is it safe to use Funginix if I have an existing medical condition?
If you are taking prescription medications then also it will be perfectly finds if you treat your fungus infection with Funginix. But, if you have any doubt in your mind then you can also consult your doctor and proceed further.
Is wearing nail paints while treating with Funginix OK?
If you wear nail paint while treating with Funginix can cause some issues. So, it is not suggested to wear nail paints if you are treating your toenail fungus infection with Funginix. But, if you want to wear nail paints for only for a short time then you can wear but do not forget to remove it as soon as possible.



Having a toenail fungus infection and treating it with Funginix is quite appreciable. All the ingredients present in Funginix are FDA approved and are quite effective for treating fungus. So, if you are satisfiwed with this product then you can Order Funginix Now. However, the risk of getting this infection again is high with Funginix because of the used brush being stored in solution. So, it is good if you do not use a brush. When it comes to the cost of Funginix, you just have to pay $50. If you do not get the desired results then you can return the product within 60 days. Now after going through all the important things related to the treatment of toenail fungus with Funginix, you can make a better decision whether to buy this or not. The choice is all yours……

Funginix Toenail fungal treatment

Funginix Review – Best Topical Solution To Cure Toenail Fungus Permanently
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