Ridges In Toenails: Possible Causes & Effective Home Remedies Treatments You Can’t Miss

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Changes to the body can be quite alarming and toenail ridges are one of the changes that take place and patients generally ask their doctors about. But do you have any idea what causes toenail ridges to them? Are they signs of an underlying condition? Will they ever go away? These are some of the questions that come to mind when anyone suffers from toenail ridges issue.


Well, do not worry because here in this post, you will get to know about the complete causes of toenail ridges and their treatments. So, read this blog carefully and get all the answers here.

There are several people who spend most of the time while looking at their toenails, except for when they cut their toenails or they go in for a pedicure. Toenail ridges are generally associated with the natural process of aging. Your toenails and changes in their appearance like the development of toenail ridges can tell a lot about your health.

Ridges in toenails are not concerned as a serious problem but they could indicate an underlying disease. These can develop horizontal or vertical ridges and so they are named as horizontal toenail ridges and vertical toenail ridges. But, both these kinds of toenail ridges have different causes from one another. But do you know what causes ridges in your nails? Well, if you don’t know then, in the below section, you will get to know about the causes of horizontal toenail ridges and vertical toenail ridges.

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Causes of Horizontal Toenail Ridges

horizontal toenail ridges

Horizontal ridges on toenails that extend across the toenail are generally termed as Beau’s lines toenails. It can be a sign of trouble. The Beau’s lines are generally deeper and are more uneven than benign vertical ridges. The appearance of horizontal ridges on toenail suggests that the toenail has actually stopped growing for a period of time and because of distress such as serious injury, sickness or even chemotherapy.

However, there are several causes of horizontal toenail ridges or Beau’s lines toenails. Some of the most common causes are mentioned below. Have a look at them one by one:

#1: Vitamin Deficiency: One of the major causes of toenail ridges is the vitamin deficiency in the body. So, there is a great need to take adequate amount of vitamin such as iron and zinc.

#2: Chemicals: Nail polishes may contain harsh chemicals sometimes and it causes peeling toenails and later it becomes brittle toenails over time. This used to further cause horizontal toenail ridges.

#3: Lack of Production of Nail Cells in the Body: If you notice that the nail cells stops even for a day and it continues then the lines will begin to appear on the affected part of the toenail. And when the toenail continues to grow, the ridges on toenails become more and more visible.

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#4: Toenail Injuries: Injuries on the toenail causes the horizontal lines on toenails and too much friction in your shoes can also cause the lines. Athletes may rub their toenails against the shoes causes the lines to form. Also, if you wear ill-fitted shoes then it also produces the same effect.

#5: Eczema: Eczema is another cause of horizontal toenail ridges. The skin inflammation around the toenail is generally associated with eczema. This prevents normal cell division in your nail’s matrix.

#6: Skin Infections: Some infections like fungal, yeast and bacterial infections cause horizontal ridges on toenails. Some other infections like viral warts and value infections can also cause the toenail ridges.

Few More Causes Are There…Have a Look:

#7: Exposure to Severe Cold: Exposure to severe cold decreases blood flow to the toenail matrix and this further causes toenail ridges.

#8: Systemic Trauma: When your body goes via a certain trauma, as for example, an infection like high fever or malaria, your toenails may develop horizontal ridges. If you even undergo chemotherapy then you can have the same effect.

#9: Surgery: Some kind of surgeries that affect the amount of oxygen in the blood can cause Beau’s lines.

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#10: Diseases: Some diseases related to skin, thyroid, kidney, liver and heart causes horizontal toenail ridges. The very first evidence of some types of skin cancers is Beau’s lines in the toenails.

#11: Poisoning: If you experience any kind of arsenic poisoning then it may be possible that it develop ridges across your toenails. Some other symptoms may include dehydration, dizziness, skin discoloration and stomach pain.

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Causes of Vertical Toenail Ridges

Vertical Toenail Ridges

Vertical toenail ridges or longitudinal ridges are generally referred to the presence of tiny raised lines or ridges that used to run up and down the length of the toenail. These are very common in healthy men and women. Usually, they are spaced, extends from the cuticle to the tip of the toenails. Do you know what causes vertical ridges in toenails? If no, then have a look at the causes of vertical toenail ridges below:

#1: Trauma: Some injuries like bruises, cuts, tears and smashing cause vertical ridges. In this case, the toenail will usually heal itself. Sometimes, you may also need an OTC to help prevent infection.

#2: Diseases And Toxins: Some diseases like kidney and lung diseases as well as skin conditions such as psoriasis cause vertical toenail ridges on the toenails.

#3: Age: Aging is one of the major causes of several toenail or skin issues. It has been seen that as you get older, the vertical ridges become more pronounced. The toenail matrix will become more atrophied as you age. And this further causes vertical toenail ridges.

#4: Malnutrition and Malabsorption: Lack of vitamin B-12, calcium, zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin a and silica also causes the appearance of the toenail ridges.

#5: Lack of Moisture: Sometimes lack of moisture results in dryness. The cuticles and the toenail bed experience dryness that results in the toenail ridges. Those people who live in hot areas or do manual labor experience lack of moisture.

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How To Diagnose The Cause Of Toenail Ridges

If you have got any sudden changes in your toenail then your doctor should examine it as soon as possible. If the toenail is damaged due to an injury then you may wait to see how the toenail heals for a few weeks before you decide whether to see a doctor. But, if you notice any injury results in the below-mentioned issue then as soon as possible, you should see your doctor.

  • A crushed toenail
  • A clean or ragged cut through your toenail
  • Bleeding under your toenail
  • A toenail being torn off

Once you consult your doctor, he/she will ask about any other symptoms you are experiencing. Or you doctor may also order blood or urine test if they suspect diabetes, nutritional deficiency or kidney disease.

In this way, toenail ridges diagnosis can be done. But if you are thinking that how to get rid of toenail ridges then don’t worry. Toenail ridges can be treated well with some natural home remedies. Have a look at the below section of this blog to know how to get rid of toenail ridges at home effectively:

Home Remedies To Get Rid of Toenail Ridges:

Do you have any idea How do you get rid of ridges in your nails? You can easily treat ridges in toenails with the help of some natural home remedies. These remedies are very easy to apply at home and it do not require much effort to apply. So, read them one by one and try to apply them as soon as possible.

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Remedy #1: Lemon Juice


Lemon is an antibacterial and antifungal agent that helps you a lot in tackling toenail fungus issues and toenail ridges as well. You need to mix fresh lemon juice along with a little amount of iodine. You can then apply it on the toenail thrice a day to treat ridges in toenail symptoms.

Remedy #2: Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains a high amount of antifungal properties that are quite effective for treating any kind of toenail infections. You can apply it directly to the affected toenail, toe and finger three times a day to get the best results. Also, it forms a barrier against moisture to the toenail and so helps to cure toenail fungus and other issues.

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Remedy #3: Lavender Oil

lavender oil

This is the best-suited remedy to treat toenail issues because of the presence of antifungal properties in it. Apart from this, this oil also forms a protective layer that helps to protect the toenails against moisture that used to form a suitable medium for toenail fungus.

Remedy #4: Yoghurt


Lactobacillus acidophilus is present in yogurt which is quite suitable for treating toenail ridges. You can apply it on the toenails and let it dry for 15 minutes before you wash and dry thoroughly. Also, you can apply it twice a day for best results.

Remedy #5: Garlic


Another most effective antifungal ingredient is the garlic. This is quite effective for treating ridges in toenails. You can crush a fresh garlic clove and then apply directly at the affected area. Or, you can also mix garlic with a base oil like as coconut oil or olive oil and apply it as directed.

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Having toenail ridges is quite irritating for everyone no matter what kind of toenail ridges it is – horizontal or vertical. You can see the causes of both these types of ridges in toenails so always be very careful regarding the causes so that you can prevent toenail fungus and toenail ridges as well. However, if you suffer from this toenail issue then you can also try the above-mentioned helpful home remedies to treat toenail ridges. If you have any suggestions regarding toenail ridges then you can write in the below comment section.


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