7 Most Effective Treatments To Get Rid Of Green Nail Fungus In No Time

Get Rid Of Green Nail Fungus

Have you recently noticed that your toenails are turning to green in color? Do you know what causes your toenails to become green and cause green nail fungus? Are you looking for the ways and know how to get rid of green nail fungus? Well, if answers to all these questions are yes then you should go through the below sections of this blog. First of all, look here in the below section and know what is green toenail how does it look like.


Green Toenails

Green Nail Fungus

Most of the people have regarded green nails as fungal infections. But, this is completely untrue. If you have green toenail and specifically due to fungal infection then it is also called “green nail syndrome”. It is a toenail infection which is generally caused due to a bacterium, named as Pseudomonas aeruginosa. As green nail syndrome is caused due to bacterial infection so it cannot be classified as a fungal infection. This infection occurs generally more than a fungal infection and it is also very easy to cure this infection.

Green nails are said to be “greenies” in salons. This infection is an unsightly bacterial infection that nail techs and clients see their toenails green. When you have green nail syndrome, it leads to a greenish discoloration of the nail; fingernail or toenail and this condition is known as chloronychia. The discolored toenail which becomes green generally varies from blue-green to dark green and then to bluish-grey. Since the discolored toenail is underneath the toenail, the toenail will not disappear with scrubbing or washing. This nail issue is generally confined to one or more than one nail and it can involve toenail as well as fingernails.

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Causes Of Green Nail Fungus

When it comes to know the green nail fungus causes then the most common cause is the Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This is actually a bacterium which causes several diseases in humans as well as in animals. This bacterium generally thrives in wet and moist environments which include Jacuzzis, sinks, contact lens solution and bath sponges. This can also thrive in man-made environments, soils and skin flora. Green nail fungus can survive in both hypoxic and standard atmospheres. This can also feed on wide varieties of organic matter and so it enables it to infect the damaged tissues or those with less immunity.

Common Risk Factors Associated With Green Nail Fungus

Well, there are major two included risk factors that are associated with green nail fungus. So, look below and know the risk factors and in the further next section, know how to get rid of green nail fungus with an ease.

Risk Factor #1: The first risk factor is if the nail has been lifted from the toenail or fingernail bed, also known as onycholysis. In this situation, there is a waterproof seal which is created with the skin on the toenail or fingernail. After the nail is being detached from the toenail bed, this waterproof seal will be lost. This situation leads to the subungual space creation that used to collect the dirt. So, this allows the entry of the bacterium named Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Risk Factor #2: Then second risk factor is the moist or damp environment. Keeping in mind that the bacterium thrives in moist and wet areas, so those who are in regular contact with water have higher chances of having this green nail syndrome. Healthcare personnel, cooks, dishwashers and housewives are much more prone to have green nail fungus as their nails are more submerged in water.

These two are the most common risk factors of having green nail fungus or green nail syndrome. Also, apart from these,  people who wear tight-fitting shoes for so long term also have greater chances of having green nail syndrome.

Top 7 Ways To Get Rid Of Green Nail Fungus Effectively

You can try all these below ways and know how to get rid of green nails. These are the most possible effective ways for green nail syndrome treatment. They are easy to try at home and no need to worry about their side effects because these treatments to get rid of green nail fungus do not have any side effects at all.

Treatment #1: Take Vitamins

vitamin rich foods

When it comes to know how to get rid of green nail fungus, it is better if you take sufficient vitamin meal. If you take a multi-vitamin every day and vitamin C, D and E then it can help you to make your body become a natural ‘fungus fighter’.

Try to do research on different vitamin supplements. Some vitamin-rich foods provide an immune system boost because it can control the fungus effectively. This natural way will stop it from growing an thriving, no matter how your situation bad might be.

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Treatment #2: Tea Tree Oil

tea-tree-oil copy

Tea tree oil is one of the best essential oil you can try this oil as the best treatment for treating green nail syndrome. This oil is very effective for treating other toenail issues as well because tea tree oil has natural antimicrobial properties that can work as an antifungal agent. In order to use tea tree oil for green nail fungus, you have to mix neutral oil with tea tree oil and then rub it over the affected nail area two times a day. You will start noticing the results after trying it for 6 to 8 regular weeks. This is the best green nail syndrome home treatment.

Treatment #3: Anti-Fungal Medications


As the fungus is very severe in this situation, if you choose an antifungal medication then it is a good choice. Antifungal medications are available in pill form and are prescribed by a doctor. And if you notice that the fungus is dark green and it has already started to spread then you should need a solution that is strong. Sometimes, oral medications can lead to liver and heart issues. The best thing regarding antifungal medication is that you don’t have to face toenail fungus issue anymore.

Treatment #4: Try Foot Massage

foot massage

Apart from these above treatments to cure green nail syndrome, you can also rub your feet a few times a day. If you massage your feet regularly then you can easily improve the overall circulation and blood flow. This will help the body to cure the fungus and keep the fungus away from spreading.

Treatment #5: Laser Treatments


Laser treatment may sound like an easy way to get rid of green nail fungus but this is far less invasive. This treatment does not last for long and it is one of the quickest ways that will help you know how to get rid of green nail fungus even without pain.

During laser treatment procedure, the lasers heat up the fungus to the extent to kill toenail fungus infection. This treatment disrupts the growth and causes to kill the infection. After trying this treatment, you can soon see the toenails becoming fade.

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Treatment #6: Vicks VaporRub


Applying Vicks Vaporub is the best treatment you can try to get rid of green nail fungus. It has some antiseptic properties that will definitely help you fight against the fungus. Vick vaporub is very easy to use as it will work all day long. You can apply a bit of vicks vaporub on the toe area into the socks before you put them on. This will help work against the nail fungus. When you get back to home after outing, you can remove the socks and then let the feet dry naturally for the rest of the night. Try to repeat this process every day until the nail fungus until the fungus goes away and looks even better.

Treatment #7: Ultimate Solution: EmoniNail


There are several topical solutions available online or offline but you can try the best topical solution which is EmoniNail to cure green nail fungus. This is the best topical solution that can help you get rid of several toenail issues including green nail fungus. This solution has some antifungal and antibacterial properties that will definitely help you cure nail fungus syndrome. You can apply this treatment before you go to sleep and for some regular days. If there is a dark and green fungus then it could take several months to clear up.

Final Words

Green nail fungus looks very bad when it comes to the appearance of the feet. However, you can get rid of this nail issue with several treatments mentioned here above in this blog. You can also go through the possible causes and the risk factors associated with green nail fungus. The treatments mentioned here are also very effective because every treatment has their respective properties that help you cure green nail syndrome. So, do not miss all these treatments mentioned here and know how to get rid of green nail fungus forever.

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