How To Draw Infection Out Of Hangnail

How To Draw Infection Out Of Hangnail

Suffering with the throbbing pain of hangnail? And looking for some instant ways to draw infection out of this hangnail? Then in that case, just check out the complete post. As, it contain every pinch of information regarding “hangnail”.

In this post, we look at home remedies to treat hangnail, how doctors drain infection from hangnail, how to prevent hangnail infections and its possible complications.

What Are Hangnails?

Hangnails are not part of your nails but actually they are made up of skin cells that form small tag near the nails. This usually occurs when the skin gets separated from the surface, but still remained anchored at the base.

Dry skin people are look likely to have this issue because skin dryness triggers the skin separation. And leaves your skin more vulnerable to damage from element like cold weather and water.

Hangnail causes inflammation, swelling around the nail skin which puts pressure on the nerve endings and irritate them.  This causes more pain and problem. If toenail is inflamed, not only it cause pain but also you will notice redness and swelling too.

Nothing ruins a pedicure like a pesky hangnail. These little flaps of skin are things to get ignored. Actually, it causes lot of pain if they catch on things and tear off. The best line of fighting for hangnail is following good nail hygiene. Remove hangnail from your toes with extra care to avoid infection or discomfort.

How To Identify Hangnail Infection?

How To Identify Hangnail Infection

Potential symptoms of an infected hangnail are redness, swelling and pain. Well the hangnail infection usually occurs when bacteria or fungus get under the nails skin surface.

This issue of nail more often occurs on the fingernails but sometime also found on the toenails.

Following symptoms shows that hangnail is infected. Have a look over them so as for easy identification.

  • Pain
  • redness
  • swelling
  • warm around that particular nail area
  • bleeding
  • a pus-filled abscess at the nail edge

Bacterial infection shows immediate symptoms, while fungal infection may take longer to appear.

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Why Hangnail Actually Hurts So Much?

The simple reason behind the hurting of hangnail is their location. Hangnails are at the end of the nail. As there are so many blood vessels and nerve ending in this area which makes this area more sensitive. This is the reason it hurts so much. besides this Hangnail Infection is also one very common reason.

Hangnail Infection:

Well the procedure of Ripping off the hangnail is common after the occurrence of hangnail.  Due to this ripping, hangnail leaves the tissues inflamed which hurts like hell. This not only causes inflammation but it also makes your finger more prone to infection.

 Extracting off the hangnail tears some of normal skin surface which actually keeps out of the bacteria. Doing this can develop infection in the hangnail surrounding skin.

How To Treat Hangnail?

How To Treat Hangnail

Hangnail can be treated using the following steps:

  • Warm water soak:

Soak your nails in some warm water for 15 minutes up to 4 times a day. This raises the blood flow and cleans the area.

  • Trim the hangnail:

Hangnail is soft from soaking, trimming the edges to prevent it from catching on anything and diminishes the risk of further infection.

  • Moisturize:

Put moisturizer over the affected area to stop it from drying out. This actually works to prevent off more hangnails from developing.

  • Medicinal creams.

Take small amount of anti-fungal or antibiotic creams, depending on the cause of the infection, the recovery of the nail works. For this doctors also recommend topical steroids

If your hangnail develops an abscess or suddenly starts producing pus then you may need to drained to stop the infection from spreading. This procedure should be done by professional doctors.

  • Try the Zetaclear solution:

As With the alleviation of the problem caused by Hangnail you may notice that pus starts to get accumulated under the skin. Well it’s a clear sign that it is caused by nail fungus infection. So, in that case you need to first of all fight of the nail fungus and for this try the Zetaclear solution. It is the most recommended option to remove nail fungus issue. you don’t need to worry about the side-effects of this product as it is completely safe.

How To Draw Infection Out Of Hangnail?

Draw Infection Out Of Hangnail

  • First of all numb the area of that hangnail.
  • Using a tool lift up the nail fold to allow the pus to drain off easily. Surgical incision is rarely necessary.
  • After the removal of the pus from the hangnail wash off the area thoroughly.
  • Now place the gauze strip into abscess. This will stay in wound for 24-48 help area drain.
  • After then doctor will prescribe an oral antibiotics.

The dressing and gauze must be removed within a couple of days. Sufferer should soak their nail in warm water for 4-5 times a day to get instant relief from the pain.

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If the problem is in your feet toenail then use the RICE method to reduce pain and swelling. RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. In this situation over the counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory can also help.

How To Prevent Hangnail Occurrence?

How To Prevent Hangnail Occurrence

Take Care of Your Cuticles Regularly

If you are not having that craze for application of nail plates all the time then there are chances that you don’t pay much attention to your cuticles. By taking good care of your cuticles is the best way to prevent hangnails occurrence.

Do this on weekly basis; it will take few minutes to push your cuticles back from nail beds. So, first of all soak your hands in warm water to soften the cuticles mainly the stubborn one. Then with the help of pusher push your cuticles back.

Avoid Bitting Your nails

Many people have one common habit of nail biting but this habit can raise the problem of hangnails more.  If you don’t leave this habit, apply bottle of specially made nail polish that tastes bitter. As, this will prevent you from biting your nail all the time. Always trim your nail with nail cutters to ensure you don’t damage your nails or cause hangnails.

Use a Cuticle Balm

Cuticles dry out very easily, so to cure this you need to moisturize them regularly. Especially in the month of dry winter you can easily buy cuticles balm from the market and give gentle massage into your cuticles as often when you required.

It’s better to give the cuticle balm massage at the night as this gives the balm plenty of time to moisturize and heal your cuticles at night.

If All Else Fails, See a Dermatologist

If you have dry skin and can’t get rid of your hangnail even after trying so many things then it’s better to see a dermatologist for treatment. Dermatologist might be able to find the underlying causes of your dry skin and hangnail problem. So according to that doctor will prescribe some medicine..


If your hangnail is already inflamed and swelled a lot then it’s better to treat the hangnail with RICE Procedure or you can put an antibiotic cream on it. But if the pain is just uncontrollable then it may be because of the infection which needs an immediate medical attention.


How To Draw Infection Out Of Hangnail
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