Can Clubbing Of Toenail Be Reversed To Normal Again?

Can Clubbing Of Toenail Be Reversed To Normal Again?


Our today’s blog is about toenail clubbing. If you are one of the sufferer of such nail deformity then this blog is just for you. The complete post covers information regarding Toenail Clubbing stages, symptoms, causes, treatment, and natural remedies.  So, just have a look over the complete post for grabbing every pinch of information regarding toenail clubbing.

What Is Toenail Clubbing?

Nail clubbing is nail deformity condition is which your nails gets widen and round. This generally occurs when the nail plates become thick.

People dealing with the physical condition of nail clubbing will get a specific swelling over the tips of nails. Besides this it also makes round appearance of finger tips in the front portion of finger and nails.


Nail clubbing is also caused because of the poor heart or lung condition. If your blood vessel is unable to pump exact amount of blood to your heart, this lays the problem of nail clubbing.

Clubbed toenail are not a disease in themselves but often a symptoms of disease, so don’t ignore them.

What Does It Mean When Your Nails Are Clubbing?

Clubbed nail are defined as sudden raise in the curvature of nail plate which may be due to a wide variety of reasons. The main reasons of clubbing of nails in children include cyanotic congenital heart disease, cystic fibrosis, and chronic inflammatory bowel disease etc.

What Causes Toenail Clubbing?

Certain diseases are there that gives rise to situation of nail clubbing. Have a look over the situation that give rise to nail clubbing.

  • Total damaged towards bronchial tubes
  • Formation of cancer cells over the lymph tissue
  • Development of lung disease due to presence of asbestos fibers
  • The Congenital heart defect known as the Tetralogy of Fallot
  • Appearance of scar over the lungs

Apart from all aforementioned causes clubbed nail also caused due to stomach disorder. If you too suffering from the same, visit a gastro surgeon and immediately treat it.

Symptoms Of Nail Clubbing

Symptoms Of Nail Clubbing

  • Thickening of end part of the finger
  • Shiny aspect of the nails and skins
  • Increasing of convexity of nail fold
  • Nail beds become non harden
  • Fluctuation of nail bed
  • It feels like your nail bed is floating
  • Enlargement of finger tips
  • Your nails become red and warm in appearance
  • Softening of nail bed
  • Losing the normal angle between the nail bed and fold

Many tests have been performed by scientists to find out various facts about nail clubbing. Individual suffering from nail clubbing get their finger bones nearest to finger tips.

What Are The Stages Of Toenail Clubbing?

There are different stages or grade of nail clubbing are:

  • Grade 1 Nail Clubbing-softening and fluctuation of nail bed.
  • Grade 2 Nail Clubbing –it’s a stage of mild clubbing. In which the normal 160° angle between nail bed and nail fold is suddenly gets raised.
  • Grade 3 Nail Clubbing –Stage of moderate nail clubbing, emphasize convexity of the nail.
  • Grade 4 Nail Clubbing –Stage of appreciated nail clubbing. This fully clubbed fingertip appearance.
  • Grade 5 Nail Clubbing –well it’s the stage of hypertrophic osteoarthropathy. In which development of shiny glossy change in your toenails and adjacent skin with longitudinal striations.


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Is Clubbing Toenail Is Reversible?

Is Clubbing Toenail Is Reversible?

Clubbing of Toenail is acquired and associated with certain cardiopulmonary and gastrointestinal disorders, but this may occur in congenital or familial forms.  Yes, the clubbing of toenail is reversible when the associated condition is treated successfully.

 Early detection and treatment of underlying conditions causing nail clubbing are key factor to reverse the clubbed toenail deformity back to normal.

But once the collagen deposition has set in and configuration has been disturbed along with substantial chronic tissue changes then it’s become too difficult to reverse the condition.

Remedies For Reversing Clubbed Toenail To Normal:

Nail clubbing is not that dangerous disease but it basically the result of some diseases suffered by individual. Instead of moving on to medical treatment first of all try some natural remedies. Some natural remedies are as follows:

  • Take 3 tbsp of olive oil and 1 tbs of lemon juice in a bowl. Now you need to soak your clubbed nails in this prepared mixture. Regular application of this effective home remedies to straighten your clubbed nails.
  • You can also make use of the tomatoes juice, lemon juice and olive oil. Now soak your nails in this liquid solution. It’s very effective natural remedy for clubbed toenail.
  • Application of warm olive oil is another very effective way of treating several nail problems.
  • For getting healthy nails, rubbing slice of lemon over your nails is the most simple and fastest way to heal clubbing as it also promotes nail growth naturally. Try this every day and keep the nails dry for 5 minutes daily.


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  • Try to intake vitamin E rich source like jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, Almond oil etc in your diet, to eradicate clubbing of the nails. It’s better to prevent them from its root.
  • Application of few drops of Tea tree oil over your nails. Pour the drop of this oil on every single corner of the nails. Be regular with this natural remedy in order to stay protected from nail clubbing.
  • Try to avoid cutting your nail cuticles.Some people are having such tendency to cut off the cuticles. But if you have such clubbed nails then cutting cuticles can be harmful. This gives rise to other associated risks too.
  • People already suffering from such clubbed nails can easily been treated if provided with adequate quantity of tomato juice. Tomato has an excellent properties to reducing bumps of flesh occurred in the finger or toenails. So in order to reduce nail clubbing, you can ideally use the Tomato juice effectiveness.

How Is Toenail Clubbing Treated?

How Is Toenail Clubbing Treated?

Well the treatment plan for toenail clubbing depends on your diagnosis. For example:

  • Follow the medications or lifestyle changes to treat intestinal inflammation.
  • Go for the surgery to correct TOF or any other heart related issues.
  • Combination of medications, oxygen therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation, and lifestyle changes to avoid symptoms of pulmonary fibrosis, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis or asbestosis
  • In severe cases, doctors also recommend a lung transplant to treat serious lung disease.
  • For cancer patients combination of chemotherapy drugs, radiation therapy, and surgery to treat cancer.

Can Toenail Clubbing Be Prevented?

The best way to prevent clubbing is taking steps to prevent and manage the underlying conditions the cause it. Here are the things that you need to prevent.

  • One can easily avoid the risk of lung cancer just by saying no to tobacco, smoking and also limit your exposure to toxins on workplace.
  • Minimize the chances of developing bronchiectasis by taking proper vaccination against measles, whooping cough and seeking prompt treatment for lungs.
  • Using the protective equipment prevent asbestosis if you are working on an industry, or construction area, where you might have the chances of coming in contact with asbestos.

If you have diagnosed with a lung disease, follow your doctor’s recommendation. This may help you in maintaining blood oxygen levels and prevent clubbing.

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The complete post covers information regarding Toenail Clubbing stages, symptoms, causes, treatment, and natural remedies.
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