5 Most Curable Treatments To Kill Toenail Fungus In Shoes In No Time

Kill toenail fungus in shoes

Fungi are annoying like creatures and do you know they love to live in your shoes. Yes, it is true and they can be a huge issue in your side if you do not get rid of those fungi soon. If you left those fungi untreated then it can lead to toenail fungus, jock itch, athlete’s foot or even ringworm.

Well, here, in this blog, you will get to know everything about how toenail fungus gets into your shoes and how you can you kill toenail fungus in shoes and also prevent from future fungi attack and more.


So, if you have noticed that you have toenail fungus due to your shoes then you should definitely go through this blog to know everything about how to kill toenail fungus in shoes. But before that, let me tell you that there are several people who want to know “Can toenail fungus spread through shoes?” Well, for those the answer is here below……

Can Toenail Fungus Spread Through Shoes?

Generally, foot fungus and toenail fungus used to start because of trapped moisture and this can be caused due to a variety of some different things. There are several reasons that cause toenail fungus to occur. But the actual reason that causes toenail fungus is the shoes. Yes, if you wear a single set of shoe for some regular days then it may cause toenail fungus.

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How Long Does Toenail Fungus Live In Shoes?

Fungal spores are very notorious resistant. This can be very difficult to estimate exactly how long fungi can live in your shoes because there are several types of bacteria, molds and fungi that can lead to conditions like athlete’s foot, known as tinea pedis and toenail fungus which is also known as onychomycosis.

Fungus can easily stay in clothing for up to six months and it is quite fair to assume that they can live in shoes for a longer period of time since shoes can be moist and insulated.

What Kills Toenail Fungus In Shoes?

Well, when it comes to knowing how to kill toenail fungus in shoes then there are some ways that you can do to your shoes to make your toenail fungus free. So, if you want to know then you can go through the below points:

#1: Spray Your Shoes with Vinegar or Baking Soda

vinegar and baking soda

We all know that vinegar is quite acidic in nature and is excellent material to eliminate shoe fungus. Also, you can use baking soda instead of vinegar. If you use the baking soda then you will have to sprinkle the soda on the shoes.

Baking soda is very good for removing shoe odor and the use of vinegar is a natural and an easy way to kill toenail fungus in shoes.

Sometimes, apple cider vinegar can be used to replace normal vinegar. So, you can spray your shoes each time you are not wearing them. Using this method will not only destroy shoe fungus but also improve the unpleasant smell that used to emanates from worn shoes.

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#2: Use of the Disinfectant Foot Powder

apply disinfectant powder

Foot powder is generally sold as a cure for athlete’s foot. Foot powder can be generally used in place of antibacterial sprays. This powder is generally known as Miconazole powder. It used to weaken the cell membranes of the fungi.

When the powder decreases the fungi, it will find it very difficult to reproduce or multiply and which means that the fungi will find it very hard to thrive both under your toenails and in your shoes as well.

This will do good to sprinkle some of the foot powder in your shoes often after you take them off after you come back to home. This powder should be applied every night and allow it to work until the next morning. It will remove the trapped moisture and will also prevent unwanted and problematic fungi from spreading.

#3: Use Sunlight

use sunlight

Sunlight used to prevent fungus from spreading. The idea of drying the shoes out in the sun does not sound like much but it used to help to dismantle already existing spores of the fungus. If you wear sun drying shoes then it is an excellent means of keeping the shoe fungus away.

This method is 100% effective if you use an additional treating option like spraying your shoes with any antifungal powder before you put them out to keep them dry.

To apply this method, you just have to place your shoes outside your house in the sun or a fresh and airy area for several hours. Doing so, there will be no moisture content in the shoes and the fungi cannot thrive.

#4: Spray Your Infected Shoes With Antifungal Spray

use antifungal apray

There are several antifungal sprays that kill toenail fungus in shoes instantly. Fungi can be caused due to the presence of bacteria in the shoes and these fungi can kill those bacteria. The unpleasant stink that used to come from shoes is due to the existing shoe fungus and the presence of moisture in it.

Most of the antifungal spray or powder used to work as a deodorizer by simply reducing the foot perspiration. You can try different antifungal spray for shoes available in the market because all will work very well. But do not ever use bleach instead of disinfectant because bleach is harsh and can change the color of the shoes.

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#5: Switch Your Shoes

switch your shoes

Switching your shoes will not technically kill the existing fungus in shoes but it is a good idea to prevent fungus in shoes. So, try wearing a different pair of shoes after every two or three days.

While using one pair, you can leave the other pair of shoes to become dry after you sprinkle them with antifungal and disinfectant powder.

Due to this, the shoes will become completely dry and also the moisture will become locked inside. Also, remember that fungus can occur in not only athletic shoes but also in any closed-toed shoes.


Having fungus in shoes is very common if you have some a single pair of shoes and your wear that shoe everywhere. However, even if you have a single pair of shoe, you can keep that pair of shoe fungus free if you apply some antifungal and disinfectant powder in it and let them dry.

If you want to get fungus out of shoes then there are several ways available that can help you.  But, if you want to try effective and instant ways then you can simply try all the above-mentioned ways with the help of which you will be able to kill toenail fungus in shoes. These treatments can be as simple as rotating which shoes you wear are properly air-drying.

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