Nail Psoriasis- Know Everything About This Toenail Issue

Nail Psoriasis- Know Everything About This Toenail Issue

Are you having nail psoriasis issue? Do you want to know what you can do to treat this issue? Are you looking for information related to nail psoriasis and the treatment to get rid of this issue? Well, if yes, then do not worry because here in this blog, you will get to know everything about nail psoriasis including its symptoms, causes, treatments and much more information. But, first of all, let us know what psoriasis is.


About Psoriasis

nail psoriasisWell, psoriasis is an immune condition that causes some symptoms on the skin as well as sometimes the joints. When someone suffers from psoriasis, their skin replacement generally process speeds up and takes just days to replace the skin cells that generally take 21 to 28 days. The growth of these skin cells generally builds up to form raised plaques on the skin that can be very scaly, flaky, itchy, red on Caucasian skin, darker patches on darker skin tones.

Psoriasis can occur on any part of the body which includes nail, eyes, feet, arms, chest, scalp, genitals and more. Do you know that up to 7.5 million people have the autoimmune disease in the United States which is known as psoriasis? This condition generally causes your body to produce so many skin cells. The extra skin cells build up on the skin that forms red scaly or silver patches, blisters or even sores.

About half of the people who suffer from psoriasis develops nail changes. This is called nail psoriasis. In this blog, we will further learn everything about nail psoriasis only. So, do not skip reading this blog below to know about how to get rid of nail psoriasis. Now, look at the symptoms of nail psoriasis.

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Symptoms of Nail Psoriasis

There are several symptoms of nail psoriasis that help you identify that you have nail psoriasis. Look at them below one by one:

  • Nail Bed Separation: Most of the time it happens that your nail can separate from the nail bed. The nail bed is the skin underneath the nail plate. In medical term, this condition is called onycholysis. This leaves an empty space under the nails.
  • Pitting: The nail plate is the hard surface that used to form the top of the nail. The nail plate is made of keratin cells. Generally, nail psoriasis causes the nail plate to lose cells. This generally results in small pits that form on the fingernails and toenails.
  • Discolored Nails: Another symptom you may notice is the color of the nail. It may change when you suffer from nail psoriasis. You may notice that your nails have become yellow-red patch in the nail bed. This looks like someone has dropped oil under your nail plates. You may also get yellow toenails or fingernails when it happens.
  • Change in Nail Shape Or Thickness: Apart from pitting, you may also notice that there are some other changes made in the texture of the nails. Nail psoriasis can cause lines, known as Beau’s lines to form just across the nails. The weakness of the structures that used to support nails can also cause the nails to crumble. Toenails or fingernails can also become thicker because of fungal infection, which is known as onychomycosis. It is very common in people who suffer from nail psoriasis.

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What Causes Nail Psoriasis?

Well, psoriasis is not contagious and the actual development of psoriasis is not yet completely known. But, it is believed that nail involvement appears to result from a combination of genetic immunologic and other environmental factors. Generally, psoriasis tends to run in families. It is found that about 40%of people with psoriasis have the first-degree relative who has this nail issue. Also, it is found that if both the parents have nail psoriasis then their baby’s risk is up to 75%. Both males and females are equally likely to get nail psoriasis issue.

How Do You Test For Psoriasis?

This question means that how to diagnose nail psoriasis and here you will get to know about it. Well, this psoriatic nail disease is recognized in a patient with prior or current plaque psoriasis. This is actually frequently confused with the nail fungus infection. Fingernail or toenail fungus infection can also complicate the nail psoriasis. If it is confusing to recognize, then scrapings and nail clippings of subungal debris should be sent for fungal and potassium hydroxide microscopy.

Also, a biopsy of the proximal nail matrix is required to confirm the diagnosis of nail psoriasis. If dystrophy affects a single nail then the tumor is the possible explanation. A biopsy can also lead to permanent nail deformity.

How Is Nail Psoriasis Treated?

treat nail psoriasis

Well, at present, there is not a perfect cure for nail psoriasis. However, the goal of treating psoriasis is to improve the function and the appearance of the psoriatic nails. If you notice that the nail has fungal infection then a doctor will definitely prescribe an antifungal medication. But, are there any home remedies available nail psoriasis treatment? This is the questions that come to everyone’s mind when it comes to treating nail psoriasis.

Well, let me make it very clear that there are no home remedies available to treat nail psoriasis. The area where the nail has been loosened, you can just trim the nail back to the skin where it gets connected. This will helps the medications to work well. If you take proper care of your nails and try to remove debris from the nails then it can cause psoriasis to become worst. So, try to avoid the injuring the nails so that you will not lose your nail and the nail area will not get infected anymore.

Some Medical Treatment For Nail Psoriasis

When a person suffers from nail psoriasis, a doctor may recommend that a part of the nail be removed, either surgically or chemically. You can remove the nail chemically by putting an ointment on the nails for seven days. The nail new will comes off by itself without any bleeding. Even after trying effective treatment, it may take a long time to improve the symptoms. It will take 8 to 12 months to generate a new toenail or fingernail.

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Some Medications For Nail Psoriasis

Your doctor may prescribe any of the below medications for nail psoriasis natural treatment. Look at them one by one:

  • Steroids or cortisone injections may be given to the nails.
  • Creams and ointments like calcipotriol, calcipotriene, calcitriol, some antimetabolic drugs like 5-fluorouracilcyclosporine
  • Some other injections may be given to the patients such as cyclosporine, methotrexate, ixekizumab, adalimumab (Humira), infusible infliximab (Remicade), ustekinumab (Stelara) or secukinumab (Cosentyx).
  • Another treatment is therapy, known as Puva. This therapy is a combination of the prescription medicine, psoralen and exposure to UVA ultraviolet light.

Is Nail Psoriasis Contagious?

As I have already mentioned that psoriasis is a common chronic condition skin disease that also affects the toenails as well as fingernails. But, when it comes to knowing whether nail psoriasis is contagious, the answer is NO. This issue cannot be infected by touching somebody who has this issue. If any of your parents or siblings have this nail issue then you are more likely to have this infection. However, nail psoriasis is more common in adults than in children. They usually develop in adulthood and anyone can have it.


Nail psoriasis is a nail issue that causes due to several reasons and several symptoms can be noticed to identify that you have nail psoriasis. However, you can try different treatments like medications and injections but let me make very clear that there are no home remedies for nail psoriasis. You can try different medications as mentioned above but first, you need to consult with your doctor to avoid any further issue.


Nail Psoriasis- Know Everything About This Toenail Issue
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Nail Psoriasis- Know Everything About This Toenail Issue
Nail psoriasis is a toenail fungus infection that takes place due to several reasons. However, you can know everything about nail psoriasis in this blog including its causes, symptoms, treatments and more.
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