Learn The Best Treatments To Cure Peeling Toenails

Peeling Toenails

Have you recently noticed that your toenails look like peeling? Did you not find any reasons for causing this? Do you want to know what causes peeling toenail and how can you cure peeling toenails? Are you looking for a solution to get rid of peeling toenails at home with the help of some natural treatment?


Well, if my questions are same as yours then don’t worry. You just have to read this blog and get to know how you can cure peeling toenails with an ease. Also, you will know here what peeling toenails are and what causes peeling toenails. So, stop wasting your time by looking here and there and just go through this below post and get all your questions answered.

What are Peeling Toenails?

These days’ toenails seem to serve only a beauty purpose. Toenails are generally made of keratin, which is a protein that is also found in your hair as well. Toenails used to have several tough levels that can peel. These generally cause the toenail to become weakened or become thin that even causes them to split fingernails or toenails. The medical term used for peeling toenails is onychoschizia or splitting toenails.

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A peeling toenail can be a result of external or outside trauma to the toenail. Such toenails can indicate the systematic condition or a sign that a pathologic process occurs inside the body. As per the American Academy of Family Physicians, it has been concluded that toenail takes eight to ten months to grow completely. It means that it is quite possible to experience toenail abnormalities as a result of something that occurred a few months earlier.

There are some specific causes of peeling toenails. If you are interested to know then don’t miss to read the below section of this blog.

Causes of Peeling Toenails

Peeling toenails fungus can be caused due to several reasons. Some people even ask that “why my nails are peeling“?. So, here, you can know the reasons that are responsible for causing peeling toenails or fingernails here.

Sometimes, damaged toenails or toenail trauma can cause peeling toenails itself. Even if you soak your toes in hot water for a long time can dry out your toenails and can cause your toenails to peel. Apart from these, some other peeling toenails are: peeling toenails image

  • Applying acrylic or false toenails
  • Any activity that presses on the toenails
  • Picking off nail polish
  • Deficiency of enough water or nutrients
  • Toenail infections and skin diseases
  • Environmental condition such as dry heat of winter weather

These are some of the most common causes of peeling toenails. However, if your both – toenails and fingernails are peeling then it means that you have iron or vitamin deficiency. This issue leads your toenails peeling and so you have to suffer a lot.

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Some Issues To Face With Peeling Toenail

There are several people around the world who suffer from peeling toenails. It is a condition that causes different layers of the toenails to flake or peels off. Due to this issue, there are two major issues that one has to face in their daily life until or unless this health issue is resolved.

  • Peeling Toenails Are Unsightly: The major reasons for people to seek help for their toenail problem are that they are tired of looking at the appearance of their toes. Peeling toenails do not look attractive and they can even detract the beauty of the person’s leg. Unsightly toenails can dampen the confidence of a person dealing with them and even foster an unnecessary sense of self-consciousness. This may also result in choosing to isolate themselves from social situations.                                          
  • Peeling Toenails Are Quite Painful: If you have ever cut your toenails too short then you should how sensitive your toenails can be. If you deal with this kind of pain then you can have pain on a daily basis and that is what people with peeling toenails are. The biting pain can take place when the layers of the toenail plate dry out.

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When There is a Need to Seek Medical Condition


As per the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, peeling toenails rarely have internal causes or the cause for a medical emergency. However, if your toenails cause severe pain or bleeding then you should seek urgent medical help. Most probably, at-home treatments can reduce the incidence of peeling toenails.

After knowing, when there is a need to seek to a medical condition, now it’s time to know what can be done to treat peeling toenails. So, to know what are the best treatments to cure peeling toenail, look at the below section of this blog.

Treatments To Cure Peeling Toenails

Treatment To Cure Peeling Toenails

Below are some of the most common and the most effective peeling toenails treatment. So, if you are interested to know what they are, you should read this below paragraph:

  • Re-hydration is quite important in healthy toenails. Peeling toenails can be dealt with by intaking vitamin E and jojoba oil every day. The very molecules of jojoba oil can easily enter your toenail’s surface plate and takes vitamin E molecules inside with them.
  • If you keep your toenails trimmed a bit closer to the end of the toe then it can give your toenails a better chance to grow stronger, even without peeling. There is a great need to sacrifice long until your toenails become healthier.
  • If you eat a balanced and nutritious diet then it is good because eating such diets is very important for the health of all the parts of the body. There is a great need of protein-rich diet for rigid and stronger toenails. So, it would be better if you eat omega-3 acids in the form of fish two times a week.

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  • Always try to wear socks when you are cleaning around the house or keeping your toes to avoid contact with harmful chemicals. If you do so, it will help you avoid peeling toenails.
  • If you apply Alpha-hydroxy acid or lactic acid then it can help you out as they are very useful for moisturizing yurt toenails. Applying them while going to sleep, is a good idea.                                 You may also wear cotton socks after the treatments so that you can keep your toenails moisturized all the time.

You can apply these treatments to cure peeling nails but remember one thing that peeling toenails cannot be cured overnight. This is because the lost cells need to have some time to regrow. So, it is better to first identify what is causing peeling toenail and then use the remedies that can heal your toenail issues.

How To Prevent Peeling Toenails

You can follow these points mentioned-below to know how you can prevent peeling fingernails or toenails. To know, just read the below points:

  • Always try to avoid applying press-on, gel nails or acrylic acid
  • Try to care for your toenails by simply filing your toenails around the tips of the toenails
  • Apply your toenails by applying a clear nail polish

These few points are very effective to know how you can prevent peeling toenails easily.

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If you have peeling toenails then remember that it is very important to cure toenail problems as it can make your appearance dull. Also, it affects your self-confidence when you go out in front of other people.

Here, in this blog, I have tried my best to provide you the best of my knowledge and after surfing several blogs written on this topic. So, grab the best treatments mentioned in this blog and get rid of peeling toenails with an ease.


Learn The Best Treatments To Cure Peeling Toenails
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