5 Tips For Prevention And Treatment Of Toenail Fungus To Make Them Healthy

Prevention And Treatment Of Toenail Fungus

Sometimes you do not pay attention to the health of your toenails even if you are fond of open-toed sandals or pedicures.

Toenail fungus infections which are also known as onychomycosis which sometimes left untreated and the fungus spreads and also destroys your toenail completely.

Moreover, people are sometimes unaware that they even have a problem because the fungus is typically painless.


So, it is better to note the symptoms of toenail fungus so that you can make complete prevention and treatment of toenail fungus infection with an ease.

Well, here I am going to discuss some important and should apply prevention and treatment of toenail fungus that will help you make your toenail healthy all the time. So, if you are interested enough to know what they are, then go through the below sections of this blog.

Preventing Toenail Fungus From Spreading

How To Prevent Toenail Fungus

As you cannot avoid contact with the microscopic organisms that cause toenail fungus, but if you keep your feet clean and dry and clip the nails properly then it can help you to prevent from an infection.

If you are suffering from this toenail fungus infection then you can take the measures that can help you to stop it from spreading:

Prevention #1: Keep Your Hands And Feet Dry

Fungus and mold thrive in wet and dark place and so you should always dry the skin between the toes right after your shower. Rubber gloves and pantyhose, they both used to create great environments for the growth of fungus and so you have to make sure that you alternate days wearing tights or gloves and let them both air out overnight. Also, try to sprinkle antibacterial foot powder on the feet and in the shoes as well and change your socks right after the exercising.

Prevention #2: Wash Socks With Disinfectant

In order to prevent toenail fungus, you can also add a capful of liquid disinfectant to the final rinse cycle of pantyhose and socks. Or, it is also suggested to soak your hose in a disinfectant solution for a few minutes before you wash them.

Prevention #3: Protect Your Toenails From Trauma

If you stub your toes then it can cut your toenail bed and gives an opening to the fungus. Make sure that you wear shoes with enough room wiggle your longest toe around. Apart from this, it is also important to make sure that you scrub your feet with a brush then avoid bristles so rough then it may damage toenail bed and leads to toenail trauma.

Prevention #4: Practice Safe Pedicure

Popular salons can be a hotbed for fungus. So, be very careful before you go to a salon for pedicure. Try to first ask the salon’s honor how they prevent the spread of toenail fungus. Hopefully, they open up a new set of tools for every customer and also make sure that they line their pedicure tubs with a new plastic protector all the time. This is very important because sometimes you may get other toenail issues after pedicure.

Prevention #5: Strengthen Your Immune System

If you have a weakened immune system then it makes you more susceptible to fungal infections. So, always be very careful and make sure that you manage your stress with activities like meditations and hiking and aim for at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

These are the some of the most effective prevention tips you should take to avoid having toenail fungus infection. Also, if you find that you have toenail fungus and is not going on its own then you can try some treatments to treat toenail fungus effectively.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to get rid of toenail fungus infection. But your toenail fungus infection can be treated successfully depends on careful adherence to a treatment plan.

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Toenail Fungus Treatments To Cure Toenail Fungus

Treatments To Cure Toenail Fungus

In this infection, small and white patches of fungus form on the nails and this fungus can further simply be filed off the nails.

Treatment #1: Over-The-Counter Medications:

Over-the-counter medications like miconazole nitrate can be applied to the toenail to get rid of it. Always remember that OTC medication does not penetrate the nail deeply enough to kill the fungus completely and prevent further infection.

Some more symptoms of this infection include discolored toenails, thickened toenail and even become painful. Here are few methods mentioned in order to treat your nail fungus infection:

Treatment #2: Topical Medication:

This medication generally includes Fungoid Tincture and the prescription treatment ciclopirox. However, topical medication sometimes fails because it does not move deeper into the nail so that it can reach the fungus.

Treatment #3: Debridement:

In this method, the thickened portions of the toenail can be debrided or removed to reduce pain and allow a topical treatment to penetrate more effectively. This is very effective in treatign toenail fungus infection.

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Treatment #4: Oral Medication:

Recently the oral medications are approved by the Drug Administration for toenail fungus are terbinafine hydrochloride and itraconazole. If they are used repeatedly then both medications have a good success rate and also require a three-month course of treatment.

If they are used repeatedly then both medications have a good success rate and also require a three-month course of treatment.

In most of the cases, the toenail fungus can be removed surgically or can be dissolved in acid. This procedure can be done

This procedure can be done to just a portion of the nail with the hope that the remaining nail will grow back healthy.

However, artificial nails and related products which use light-cured resins to form a temporary covering can be used in order to protect the underlying tissue until the nail grows back completely.

Treatment #5: Laser Treatment


In order to treat toenail fungus, you can also go with laser treatment. It is a very simple process and is quite similar to the process of the removal of cancer cells that is done with laser’s help.

One can easily remove toenail fungus with laser treatment and burns out the fungus. The only drawback of this toenail treatment is that it is little expensive as compared to other toenail fungus treatments.

But, laser treatment for toenail fungus has been proven to be very effective when it comes to get rid of toenail fungus.


The above-mentioned complete prevention and treatment of toenail fungus can be taken very positively in order to get rid of toenail fungus infection. If you are still failed to do so then you can make use of EmoniNail which is trusted as one of the best product to clear toenail fungus. It is made up of natural ingredients and it is very safe to use. It does not contain any hazardous chemicals so there is not a single side effect of using EmoniNail.

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