7 Best Ways For Correction Of Pincer Nail Deformity

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Are your toenails get curved or is it starts growing in curved shape? Do you have any idea why it is growing in such a manner? Well to acknowledge about this particular curve toenail or Pincer Nails Deformity this specific blog is represented to you all. This post includes complete information regarding Pincer Nails Deformity and the best treatment available for the Correction Of Pincer Nail Deformity.

What Is Pincer Nail Deformity?

Curved toenail are also termed as “pincer nail”, “Omega nails,” and “Trumpet nails“. These are actually a toenail disorder in which lateral edges of nail slowly approaches one another compressing down the nail bed and underlying dermis. In simple manner, in this medical condition both sides of toenail become curved inwards. It is very less encountered in fingernails as compared to toenails.


Curved toenails can be painful and this particular foot issue takes you to further problems like Ingrown Toenails.  The condition is often accompanied by thickening of the nails as well in which trimming of the nail gets difficult.

What Causes Pincer Nail?

What Causes Pincer Nail

Pincer Nail deformity is a relatively rare condition in which there is a transverse over curvature of the nail plate is noticed. Well this nail deformity may either be inherited or acquired. Etiology, pathogenesis, and mechanism of inheritance are still unknown. But the Acquired Pincher nail deformity has been reported to occur in association with medication, psoriasis, onychomycosis, and tumors of the nail apparatus, also due to underlying systemic disease such as systemic lupus erythematosus, Kawasaki disease and malignancy.

Other Common Reasons Of Pincer Toenail Deformity Are:

  • Wearing tight shoes: As tight shoes slowly squeeze the toe from both sides and with the passage of time nail root starts bending. The time reached when it gets completely curved and the nail grows into a Pincer Nail.
  • Bone spur under the toenail: This type of spur is called as Subungal Bone Spur Or Subungual Exostosis.   The Subungal Bone Spur forces the toenail into pincer nail by pushing up on the center of the nail.
  • Pincer toenail also occurs because of the improper nail trimming or excessive stress on the feet during running, jogging, or walking.

Fortunately there are such relieving or correcting curved toenail treatments are available. And also it is important to correct pincer toenail for preventing further pain and minimizing the risk of toenail infection.

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What Are The Signs And Symptoms For Pincer Toenail?

Pincer toenail sometimes painful and sometime not. The pain is just because of the edges of the nail get inserted into the skin which further causes ingrown toenails like problems.


Surgical Technique For The Correction Of Pincer Nail Deformity

Surgical Technique For The Correction Of Pincer Nail Deformity

Many surgical treatments have been recommended for the Correction of Pincer Nail Deformity. But there is not a worldwide accepted technique for long lasting treatment of this deformity yet. A new surgical technique for the treatment of pincer nail deformity is described here:

Z-Plasty Technique:

In this procedure, after an osteophtye located on dorsal surface of the Distal Phalanx is removed to provide flat surface for the nail bed. The distal part of nail bed is enlarged in a transverse direction by using modified 5 flap Z-plasty technique.

Over 2 years, this technique has performed on 15 toes in 8 patients. In most of the patients the toenail deformity, was eliminated successfully with no re-occurrence in 2 years of follow up. Widening and flattening the nail bed provide a long lasting effective treatment of pincer nail deformity with an excellent esthetic result. Pain and risk of infection is relived perfectly with this new technique.

Home Treatment For Pincer Toenails

Home Treatment For Pincer Toenails

Remedy #1: Weekly Routine For Pincer Toenail

Step 1

Take a bucket half filled with clean, warm water. The temperature of water should be slightly war m so that you can easily soak your footy in it.

Step 2

Now putt the curved toenail foot into the bucket with warm water.  Keep it there for 10 minutes.

Step 3

After then remove your foot from the bucket and then pat it dry with the towel.

Step 4

Now make use of the nail file and clippers to carefully re-shape your curved toenail to form a straight line across your toe.  But be careful while doing so, don’t cut or file you nail too short. Leave them little white showing past your nail bed.

Step 5

Repeat this process 1 in a week to prevent your nail getting curved again. Curved toenail tend starts getting digged into the skin and cause ingrown toenails.  So by keeping the shape straight across the toe will prevent further toenail issues.

Remedy 2#Keep Cuticles Away:

To have good nails, you have to work on your nails cuticles too. Try to push them back and massage cuticles is another way that can aid your curling nails.

Remedy 3#Minimise The Use Of Chemicals:

Everyone loves to decorate your nail with different colors, glitters and other decorative items. If you are serious about fighting with curling nails, then you will have to avoid these chemical rich products as much as possible. Chemicals can wart the natural biotin in your nails, forcing them to curl.

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Remedy 4#Keep Nails Covered to Prevent Curling

 It doesn’t mean that you need to put your nail in a zip pouch. You just need to cover them up when needed is important, like while working in the kitchen or cleaning the house. As dust play with the PH level of your nails and make it more dull and brittle. So, wear gloves during this such tasks.

Remedy 5#Biotin Supplement For Healthy Nails:

Biotin water-soluble vitamin so it is light and safe to use. This supplement is used for nail and hair regrowth also. It is proven to tackle curled nails. You will surely get positive changes within few days of consumption of biotin supplements.

Remedy 6#Protein To The Rescue Curved Nails

Protein is very essential for your overall health whether it is for your good hair or for your skin. Increasing the intake of protein in diet is recommended in all the cases. Eat rich food in protein will help your treating curled nails. It is proven that protein intake can make the nail straighter.

Wrap Up:

Pincer toenails are tricky to treat. This can be treated by performing an ingrown toenail procedure which involves removing the offending the nail borders. The main issue with this treatment is with severely pincer nail the doctor must remove such a large piece of toenail from both side of nail. Once procedure is complete there is hardly any toenail left. This result in very narrow nail that most patients find cosmetically unpleasing.

Now you must have got every pinch of information regarding Pincer Toenails Deformity. So, you don’t need to suffer a lot with such curved toenail issue. Just give it try with the simple home remedies and easily get rid of this specific toenail issue.

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7 Insane Ways For Correction Of Pincer Nail Deformity
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This post includes complete information regarding Pincer Nails Deformity and the best treatment available for the Correction Of Pincer Nail Deformity.
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