How To Cure Blood Clot In Toenail (Subungual Hematoma)

How To Cure Blood Clot In Toenail

Does your toenail get clotted with blood? And day by day it’s getting darker in its color? don’t know how to get rid of this toenail blood clotting issue? Well in such situation it’s better to cure this clotted blood issue under toenail as fast as you can otherwise it will harm your nail very badly.

Before moving on towards the treatment section, let’s take a small recap about this nail blood clotting.

About Blood Clot In Toenail (Subungual Hematoma)

In medical term this toenail blood clotting is also termed as “subungual hematoma”. This nail problem mostly encounters when the nail gets any kind of injury. This causes intense pain and throbbing as blood gets collected under the nail.

In simple terms Blood clots are amalgamation of red blood cells which build up  at the site of injury  or sometime due to particular aliment.

Can A Nail Hematoma Heal On Its Own?

Can A Nail Hematoma Heal On Its Own?

In this subungual hematoma nail problem, mostly it is seen that nail itself take longer time to get completely recover. Pain itself goes in just few weeks. Your discolored nail after blood clot will eventually grows out. Whereas, in some cases it may fall off or need to removed.

Your fingernail recovery from blood clot problem may take 8 weeks. Whereas, for toenail the time period must be six months.

What Are The Causes Of Subungual Hematoma?

Behind this nail blood clotting, there can several reasons, like:

  • Slam your finger in a car door or house door
  • Hit your finger with a heavy object such as a hammer
  • Drop a heavy object such as a dumbbell on your toe
  • Stub your toe on a hard surface

If you are encountering such toenail blood clotting issue without any injury then it’s recommended to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

As in that case Blood clots may be occurring due to high blood pressure, diabetes, plaque formation in the arteries, heart diseases, liver diseases, cholesterol, internal injuries, obesity, smoking or anemia etc.


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What Are The Symptoms Of Subungual Hematoma?

A person may have severe Subungual Hematoma, throbbing pain. This usually occurs because the clotted blood between the nail and the nail bed. Here are its symptoms for identification.

  • A dark-colored discoloration under the affected nail.
  • Swelling or tenderness on the tip of affected finger or toe.
  • Nail suddenly becomes sore or tender.
  • Nail gets discolored.
  •  It feels like pressure under the toenail.
  • Those who uses artificial nail may not notice such problem of subungual hematoma. But anyone feels such intense pain and pressure then you should remove the artificial nail and examine the nail bed.

Toenail Blood Clot Home Remedies and Natural Treatment

This toenail blood clotting can easily be treated just by avoiding inflammatory foods like white breads, cakes, pastries, cookies, refined oil and refined flours. As, these foods worsens the inflammation in the body which further causes blood clots.

Try out these simple but very effective home remedies for blood clots that you could probably try.


Active compounds presents in turmeric works effectively on the blood platelets to prevent blood clot.  Besides that the medicinal properties helps in curing the pain caused due to blood clots. Turmeric also works as an anti-thrombotic or anti-coagulant agent that involves modulation of several factors which aids in process of blood clot formation.


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Garlic has such sulphur compounds which are known to melt clotted blood. For effective result, consume one raw garlic clove in the morning. It works on the proper functioning of the arteries which causes them to relax and dilate the blood.  Well this natural ingredient works as a blood thinner, thereby prevent blood clots in toenail.

Terminalia Arjuna  or Arjun ki chhaal

Terminalia Arjuna  or Arjun ki chhaal  is one such natural blood thinner which works quickly on treating clotted blood. This natural ingredient promotes stronger contraction of the heart muscle, which helps your heart to work more efficiently.

To make use of this, you just need to take some Arjun ki chhaal (bark) and soak it in 1 glass warm water at night. Drink this soaked water in the morning time.

Flax Seeds and Chia Seeds

Flax seeds are full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids which helps in preventing blood clots and also makes good blood circulation throughout your body. Flaxseeds are good source for blood platelets. Besides that these seeds may helps in reducing off the hardening of the arteries.

It is known as natural blood thinner as they are packed with essential nutrients, mainly omega-3 fatty acids that are good for your heart.

Salt Water

Slightly warm water along with the salt also very helpful to relive down the pain and inflammation caused by clotted blood due to bruised toenail. It’s the best therapy to improve blood circulation.

All you need to do is just to add 2 tbsp of table salt or sea salt to a bowl of warm water and stir well. Soak your foot well in this solution for 5-10 minutes to help the bruise heal up faster and keeping the toes clean.

How Do You Treat A Blood Clot In The Nail?

How Do You Treat A Blood Clot In The Nail

The treatment of Blood clot under toenail involves immediate medical attention.  In some rarer and severe cases, doctors perform surgery to treat or remove blood clot.  But in minor blood clotting cases, doctors prescribe a blood thinner like Heparin that works to loosen the clot and prevent its re-occurrence.

If it is not occurred because of any injury then the doctors try to determine the exact cause of your blood clot. This involves being treated for underlying health condition like heart disease, or superficial thrombophelbitis, an inflammation in the superficial veins.

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How To Prevent Blood Clot In Toenail From Getting Worse?

bruised toenails

It is possible to prevent blood clot in toenail just by making sure that you have adequate flow at all times. Lying down for more than 12 hours or tight clothing styles constrict blood flow to the feet.

So, apart from following your doctor’s orders for taking anti-coagulant medications. Do at least 30 minutes of exercises per day, for at least 5 days to improve blood flow and maintaining heart health.

Bottom Line:

Don’t take this blood clotting in toenail as small issue mainly if it is not getting cured within the above mentioned time period. Immediately visit your doctor for the treatment of this Subungual Hematoma.

Above listed tips and remedies are effective natural remedies to cure blood clotted toenail to recover faster. These remedies are not intended as a substitute for medical treatment but less blood clotting of toenail, as they are extremely effective, cheap and convenient.

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