3 Non-Surgical & Surgical Ways To Treat Myxoid Cyst (Nail Cysts)

Non-Surgical & Surgical Ways To Treat Myxoid Cyst

Have you ever encountered with the painful nail cyst issue in your fingers or toes nails? If yes, then you must be very well aware with its accused pain caused by it. In such situation we all look for some instant ways to treat nail cysts. If you too are searching for it then you are at the right location. As, in our today’s’ topic we will discuss on this specific nail issue.

But if in case, you haven’t caught such an issue ever then also this post will guide in knowing every pinch of information regarding this nail condition. So, that in future if you encounter such nail cyst issue then you don’t have to suffer a lot with this.

Quick Overview On The Covered Topics:

What Is A Myxoid Cyst?

Myxoid cyst or nail cysts is small, non-dangerous lump which common encountered near the nails of toes or fingers. It is also termed as digital mucous cyst or mucous pseudocyst.

Generally it looks like fluid-filled sac and it occurs on finger joint closest to your nail.  Cysts actually make your skin thin and may cause a groove to form in the nail. Mostly patients of arthritis develop a mucous cyst. It is found that underlying bone spurs from arthritis weakens the joint lining which allows the cysts to get formed.

This nail condition is commonly encountered in age group of people between 40-70 but if also affect all age group people.

Are myxoid cysts dangerous?

Digital myxoid cyst is entirely a fluid-filled sac swelling that usually occurs at the base of nail on the finger or toes.  They don’t develop into skin cancer like issues. So, the exact cause of this problematic nail condition is still not too clear.

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How Is A Mucous Cyst Diagnosed?

Are myxoid cysts dangerous

The nail cyst has a characteristic appearance and its diagnosis is simple and straight for most of the hand specialist. Radiographs are usually done to get confirmed for the underlying arthritis of the joints and associated bone spurs.

Does The Mucous Cyst Need To Be Treated?

In the initial stages mucous cysts are not that painful.  But with the time patients starts developing pain, recurrent drainage or nail deformity and thus urgent treatment are needed.

How To Treat myxoid cysts?

How To Treat myxoid cysts

Generally Myxoid are not that painful.  But be aware that nail cysts rarely gets shrink down and cure on its own. At that time you need to approach for some best treatment to cure this off. Here are possible treatments available for myxoid cysts, along with their pros and cons like:

  • decrease joint range of motion
  • leave scars
  • involve pain or swelling

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Nonsurgical Methods To Treat Myxoid Cysts

In several of the cases cysts grows back after the treatment. Thus the recurrence rates for different treatments have been studied. Some of the popular treatment methods are mentioned below. If your problem is severe then discuss with your doctor or specialist which treatment might be best for you.

  • Infrared coagulation
  • Cryotherapy
  • Carbon Dioxide Laser
  • Intralesional Photodynamic Therapy
  • Repeated needling

Let’s discuss them one by one in brief:

  • Infrared coagulation:

In this procedure doctors uses heat to burn off the cyst base.  Well the recurrence rate for this treatment method is 14% to 22%.

  • Cryotherapy:

In Cryotherapy treatment, cysts are drained and after then liquid nitrogen is used to alternately freeze and liquefy the cyst. Well the main objective of this medical treatment is to block further fluid passage from reaching the cyst.  The calculated recurrence rate of this procedure is 14% to 44 %. In some  case this procedure may causes a lot more pain.

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  • Carbon Dioxide Laser:

In this method Carbon dioxide laser is used to burn off the cysts base after it’s been drained. Recurrence rate of this treatment method is 33%.

  • Intralesional Photodynamic Therapy:

This treatment method is used to drain the cysts and injects a substance right within your cyst for making it light sensitive. After then using the laser light the cyst base is burned off.  The success rate of this method is 100% and no recurrence found even after the passage of 18 months of time period.

  • Repeated needling:

In this method of treatment sterile needle or knife blade is used to puncture and drain the myxoid cyst. This procedure is repeated 2-5 times. Recurrence rate of this method is 28%-50%.

Surgical Method To Treat Off Myxoid Cyst Or Nail Cysts:

Surgical Method To Treat Off Myxoid Cyst Or Nail Cysts

The success rates of the surgical treatments are high, ranging from 88% to 100%. That’s the reason, why your doctor recommends surgery as a first-option treatment.

In the nail cysts surgery, cyst is cutted away and covers the area with skin flap which closes as it heals. The skin flap size is determined as per the size of the cyst.

The joint involved is sometime scraped and osteophytes (bone extension from the joint cartilage) are removed.

Surgeon also injects dye into the joint to search and close the point of fluid leakage. In some cases, this flap is also stitched and after the surgery you will get splint to wear.

In both of the nonsurgical and surgical method, Scarring is done that cuts the connection between the cyst area and the joint stops further fluid passage to the cyst.

Natural Home Remedies  For Curing Nail Cysts

Natural Home Remedies  For Curing Nail Cysts


Tea Tree Oil For Nail Cysts

Tea tree oil has such anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which is very effective for healing various skin problems including nail cysts.

How to use:

  • Take some tea tree oil in a small bowl and slightly warm it off.
  • After then apply it gently over the affected nail area and give a soft hand massage around the cyst skin.
  • This natural remedy not only treat the cyst but also prevents the risk of infection gets spread with this nail cyst.

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Castor oil

Castor oil works wonder to treat off any kind of cysts occur in any part of body. This helps in reducing the cyst size and also gives quick relief from itching.

How to use:

Take small quantity of castor oil in small bowl and warm it slightly this in your microwave.

 Soak a cotton ball in castor oil and gently apply this oil directly over the affected cyst area.


No one is unaware with the medicinal properties of the turmeric. And this property of this natural ingredient makes it best for curing Myxoid Cyst.

How To Use:

  • Take a glass of milk and add little amount of turmeric in it
  • Boil it a little, and drink this off.
  • If in case the cysts are already burst then let all the fluid filled in it drains out. Apply some turmeric paste over the affected area and cover the area with some clean cloth.
  • This procedure will prevent the risk of infection.

Witch hazel:

Witch hazel have such amazing astringent properties that help in curing Myxoid Cyst easily.

To treat Myxoid Cyst right at your home, apply some witch hazel extracts or cream over the cyst and let it soak for 10-15 minutes.

The presence of Tannis ingredient in witch hazel will remove the excess oils and tighten the pores of the body skin which ultimately reduces the size of cyst.

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 Thus the size of cyst will start reducing within few days. Be regular with this effective home remedies for at least a week.

Alternate Option To Treat Nail Cysts: Zetaclear

Alternate Option To Treat Nail Cysts: Zetaclear

If your myxoid cyst is showing signs of infection then it’s our recommendation to try the ultimate solution of toenail fungus i.e Zetaclear. This natural solution has such effective ingredient that can easily fight off the nail infection and it’s associated symptoms. So this ultimately helps to remove off your nail cysts.

The outlook

Myxoid cysts are too dangerous or they are contagious, and they are usually symptoms-free. They are associated with osteoarthritis in fingers or toes. In the above post both types of treatment methods nonsurgical and surgical are mentioned. Out of these two, non-surgical procedure has high recurrence rates.

Whereas, the surgical removal has the most successful outcome with the least recurrence chances. Apart from that you can also treat nail cysts with simple home remedies. But if your cyst is painful or unsightly, discuss potential treatments and outcomes with your doctors. Check out your doctors also if your myxoid cyst has some signs of infection.

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