3 Top Ways To Remove Callus/Thick Skin Under Toenail Effectively


Ways To Remove Callus or Thick Skin Under Toenail Effectively

Have you heard of corns and calluses, haven’t you? Calluses under toenail are nothing but an area of thickened, hard skin. Well it is very common foot issue which arises when you don’t give your feet much importance or proper care. This condition causes a lot of pain and discomfort at the time of walking.

So, let’s get into the specific details of this toenail problem.  In this way you will be able to decide what remedies for callus under toenail bed will be suitable to treat the condition.

What Is Thick Skin Under The Toenail?

Thick Skin Under The Toenail

Rough or thick skin under the toenail or callus under toenail is quite an uncomfortable toenail condition. The thick skin under toenail is a sign of fungus on the toes. It can socially be embarrassing and this issue may also cause toenail loss. Some of the toenail fungus spreads so quickly to other toes and this is the reason it is very important to cure the condition when this issue is first detected.

However, to treat this issue, it may take some time to make thin and soft under the toenail even with the help of a physician. But, taking proper care, your toenail skin can return to its original supple and soft state.


If you have skin under your toenail or callus under toenail then it can also lead to separation of toenail from the toenail bed. This painful toenail ailment is generally caused due to fungal infection. As per the medical experts, onychomycosis causes thick dry skin along the outermost corners of the toenail and continue to underneath the toenails.

Thick skin under toenail is not associated with a health issue; however, the negative consequence of onychomycosis cannot be ignored. Maintaining good hygiene and topical ointments can help you cure thick skin under toenail or callus under toenail.

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What Causes Thick Skin Under Toenail?

Causes of Thick Skin Under Toenail

Skin, nail and hair are made with some identical protein known as keratin. This protein, keratin cells are combined and form a nail plate. Because of several other factors, extra keratin is built under the toenail that results in the toenail discoloration or the toenail bed separation issue.

Sometimes, thyroid issue, external trauma and side effects of some medications or toenail fungus can also cause to build the keratin just beneath the toenail.

Some experts also believe that practicing unhygienic task will allow the bacteria and the fungus to enter into your moist foot. After they enter, dermatophyte fungus causes fungus infection and it may turn your toenails and the skin underneath the toe to thick and yellow.

What Will Happen If Thick Skin Under Toenail Left Untreated?

Thick Skin Under Toenail Left Untreated

If callus under toenail bed is left untreated then it can make the toenails appear thicker than normal and even transform your toenail color to yellow or brown. This toenail layers growing on top of each other may produce a foul odor which is much noticeable during filing and nail grooming.

Being diabetic patients, the worst that can happen is: amputation. When Calluses gets too thick, split open and get infected or takes the form of ulcers- sores on the feet that won’t heal instantly. Therefore, it’s important to be regular podiatrist’s appointment.

If you are not a diabetic patient, then it’s unlikely that such complications will occur. But what’s the need of taking such risk, especially in the case of infection. Don’t let the infection spread into your bone or the blood stream.

Though these are the worst case scenarios, it’s always better to safe than sorry and catch serious problem.

How To Get Rid Of Thick Skin Under Toenail?

There are several ways you can try to get rid of thick skin under toenail or callus under toenail. But, with the help of these below treatments, you will definitely notice that your thick skin under toenails has become so soft and cozy.

So, if you want to feel skin under toenail soft and smooth then you should definitely. Then try all these treatments including OTC medicine, natural treatments, home remedies to remove off thick skin under toenail or callus under toenail.

WAY 1. OTC Treatment for Callus Under Toenail

WAY 2. Home Remedies To Treat Thick Skin Under Toenail

WAY 3. Natural Treatments To Cure Callus Under Toenail

OTC Treatment For Callus Under Toenail

You can treat off your callus under toenail issue just by trying out this OTC Treatment. So if the problem is not that severe then you must try it:


Betadine is the most effective home remedy for treating calluses. So dip your callus-stricken toe in a bucket of warm water with betadine. Repeat this procedure for twice a day for effective result.
But if you are a diabetic patient then must take advice from your doctor before using it.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is keratolytic, which dissolves the keratin debris buildup from your toenail. Use this OTC medicine as directed on the package. This medicine is available in different forms: applicators, drops, pads, plasters.

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These products are gentle and safe for most people. But still its recommended that salicylic acid shouldn’t be used by people with diabetes or the people with frail skin or poor circulation like health issues. So consult with a health professional before using it.

Well all these treatments will remove the top dead skin layer of calluses and allow the calluses to protrude and hurt less.

Home Remedies To Treat Thick Skin Under Toenail

The very first thing you can do if you have a thick skin under toenail is to wear the open-toed shoes. Or, next, you can try these effective home remedies to treat thick skin under toenail or callus under toenail. So, try all these remedies and see the results soon.

Remedy #1: Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Why It Is Effective?

Apple cider vinegar contains some antimicrobial and antifungal properties and is also acidic in nature. This vinegar can help to restrict the fungal infection from spreading and killing fungi and bacteria.

Ingredients Needed:

    • 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar
  • 1-2 drops of tea tree oil
  • Warm water
  • Cotton ball

Method To Use:

  • You can prevent fingernail or toenail fungus by soaking the finger/feet in this solution.
  • You can then mix this vinegar and water together in a plastic tub. After this, you can soak the toenail in this mixed solution for not more than 20 minutes. You can then rinse off your toenails with plain water.

Second Method:

  • Soak your feet in warm water bath for a few minutes. After then using a cotton ball apply apple cider vinegar on the corn.
  • Keep that cotton ball firmly on the area of callus for 5 minutes.
  • When the vinegar gets dry apply tea tree oil on that corn and don’t rinse it.

How Often You Should Try This:

This remedy should be done this every day until you found that your thick skin under toenail has become smooth.

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Remedy #2: Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt

Why It Is Effective?

Another remedy you can try to get rid of thick skin under toenail and restrain infectious fungi are the Epsom salt. This salt works great as an Exfoliant. It soothes the skin and relives the pain caused by the toenail callus. It’s anti-bacterial properties have some added benefits.

Ingredients Needed:

  • Epsom salt
  • pumice stone or callus file
  • warm water
  • petroleum jelly

Method To Apply:

  1. You just need to take warm water in tub and add some Epsom salt in the basin and soak your feet in this for 10-15 minutes.
  2. After your skin attains that soften texture, make use of the pumice stone or callus file to rub off the dead layers of your skin present on top of affected area.

Another method:

  • After this, you can then soak the feet in water tub for not more than 25 minutes.
  • You can then pat dry and then apply petroleum jelly so that it can hydrate the skin. Use this remedy twice in a week and see the results after one or two months.

How Often Should You Do This?

Repeat this procedure daily after taking up your shower for few days.


Remedy #3: Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Why It Is Effective?

Just like Epsom salt, baking soda is also very effective for removing the dead skin cells which is formed by calluses under toenail. It works as an anti-septic and helps in keeping the area infection free.Baking soda is alkaline in nature and it helps to inhibit the growth of the fungus.

Make sure that baking soda paste won’t touch any part of the body. Otherwise it will dry up your healthy skin.

Ingredients Needed:

  • baking soda
  • sodium borate
  • lemon juice

Method To Apply:

  • To apply this remedy, you can add baking soda and water or you can also add sodium borate with it.
  • Try to form a thick paste by mixing both these ingredients. And then apply it to the affected toenail and then leave it for 20 minutes and allow it to dry.

Another methods:

  • In a bowl take some baking soda, water and lemon juice and form its thick consistency paste.
  • Now apply this paste on the affected area and let it sit overnight.

How Often Should You Do This?

  • Repeat the first remedy two times in a week and see the desired results soon.
  • Whereas  repeat the second remedy for 5-7 days until your toenail callus gets dry and flakes away.

Remedy #4: Lemon Juice And Glycerin

Why It Is Effective?

Another remedy to try to remove callus under toenail or thick skin under toenail is the mixture of lemon juice and glycerin. Glycerin is very prominent in healing thick skin under toenail and has hydrating ability as well.

Whereas, the acidic nature of lemon makes this ingredient a best remedy to cure toenail calluses. This helps in alleviating the discomfort and also reduces the size of the calluses within few days.

Ingredients Needed:

  • Glycerin
  • lemon juice
  • bandage
  • socks

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Method To Apply:

  • You need to first mix the required amount of lemon juice with the glycerin. After this, you have to just apply it on your thick skin under toenail directly.
  • Now allow this mixture to dry completely.

Another method:

  • Take a slice of lemon and put it on your toenail calluses.
  • Place it well with the help of bandage and on the top of it for better placement wear socks overnight.
  • Leave it as it as for the whole night.

How Often Should You Do This?

Repeat this remedy once in a day to get better results.

Remedy #5: Tea Tree Oil

Why It Is Effective?

Last, but not the least, you can also try tea tree oil to get rid of skin under toenail or remove callus under toenail. Tea tree oil can help you reduce the major skin issues with its healing and moisturizing properties.

Ingredients Needed:

  • tea tree oil
  • carrier oil: coconut or olive oil

Methods To Apply:

  • You can then drop a few drops of tea tree oil over a toenail that is already affected. The highest concentration of tea tree oil may irritate the skin.
  • This is the reason most of the beauty experts recommend to blend tea tree oil with a carrier oil or dilute the solution.

Natural Treatments To Cure Callus Under Toenail

Natural Treatments To Cure Callus Under Toenail

Apart from home remedies, you can also try natural treatments to cure callus under toenail or thick skin under toenail. Do not wait for anything if you have callus under toenail or thick skin under toenail. So, if you have this toenail issue then just try these steps mentioned below that can be applied as a natural treatment to treat thick skin under toenail.

1. Soak Your Feet

Add few tbsp. of bath salts or Epsom salts to a basin of warm water and soak your feet for 5-15 min. This help in easy cleansing and softening of hard skin under nails. It makes toenail trimming and callus removal much easier.

2. File Up Your Calluses

After making your feet dry make use of a foot file or large nail file to gently file any corns or calluses. Use light hand pressure, file corns and calluses until your skin starts appearing and feeling smoother.  If the thick skin under toenail gets painful, sometime larger corns and calluses will need to professionally trim by podiatrist.

But don’t make use of callus shavers, as they cut out your healthy skin and cause bleeding.

3. Exfoliate

You need to remove up your dead skin cells and diminish rough skin. For this you need to give gentle massage on your feet with exfoliating foot scrub product. After using such don’t forget to rinse thoroughly. Well you can also make your own scrub.

Dilute 2 tbsp of sea salt with equal amounts of baby oil and lemon juice. types of oil that you can use olive oil, coconut oil or canola oil.

4. Gentle Care:

Quick and simple routines for improving look and health of thick toenails are:

  • First of all remove up your nail polish.
  • Trim of the toenails straight across to remove off the whitish parts that accumulated under the toenail.
  • Brush the toenail surface with nail buffers or fine grit nail file.
  • You need to apply some lemon juice with cotton swab to remove off the dead skin underneath the toenail and give nails a healthy shine.
  • Toenails are discolored yellow from frequent nail polish use, scrub them with paste of baking soda diluted with water.

5. Clean And Clear:

  • Step #1: First of all, you need to wash the affected toenails with the help of antibacterial soap to wipe dirt and the impurities accumulated. You can use warm water to do so. Now you have to pat dry your toenails with a very clean cloth and then avoid moisture between the toenails.
  • Step #2: After this, you can then trim your toenails with a nail cutter and then file the sharp corners of the toenails.
  • Step #3: You can also apply the anti-fungal ointments topically on your affected toenails and its surrounding areas.

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Some Tips To Prevent Thick Skin Under Toenails

 Tips To Prevent Thick Skin Under Toenails

Prevention is better than the treatments you need to apply for treating thick skin under toenail. So, here, you will learn about some tips that will help you prevent callus under toenail issue in an easy way. Do not avoid these preventive measures tips and keep your toenails and its surrounding area healthy all the time.

  • Don’t cut the toenail cuticles because it protects the nails surrounding skin from infections.
  • Nail paints remover with acetone can dry out nails which cause a chalky appearance. So, either makes use of some acetone free nail polish remover or just apply some good quality moisturizer to your nails after removing up your nails.
  • Make use the over the counter foot powder or sneaker sprays if you have sweaty feet issue. You can then spat anti-fungal spray inside the shoes to inhibit fungal growth.
  • You can wash your fingernails and toenails on a regular basis with anti-bacterial soap
  • You can cut the toenails very short and then avoid moisture between the toenails
  • Toenails absorb the pigments of the nail polish which causes discoloration. So, give some space to your nails from nail polish, take a few week off occasionally.
  • Take off the shoes to reduce humidity and starts wearing sandals while you are in public areas such as swimming pools and locker rooms
  • Wear rubber gloves and protect the toenails from long exposure to chemicals and water.
  • Consult the physician on a regular basis

Final Verdict

That’s what you need to know about callus under toenail. So if you are rendering such an issue on your foot, you will know what to do. All these treatments are very effective in treating thick skin under toenail or callus under toenail. Generally, toenail ailments take some time to completely heal the issue.

Don’t panic if the discomfort and pain persists even after few days of natural treatment. Typically, foot problems like this need some time to get heal but if you don’t get any positive outcome, then I would advise you to visit a podiatrist.


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