Top 10 Ways To Strengthen Nails Overnight

Top 10 Ways To Strengthen Nails Overnight

Does your nail get break every time when it goes longer in size? Do you know its may be reason that your nails are weak enough? Now the question arises how do you keep your nails strong and stop them from breaking. Well it is possible with extra care to grow your natural nails.

Long, strong, beautiful nails are the most desired thing for any feminine. But it’s not that easy for all us to have such gorgeous nail all the time. Here are some best tips for strengthening nails and preventing nail damage so you can better enjoy your gorgeous manicure/pedicures.

Natural Home Remedies To Strengthen Nails

Natural Home Remedies To Strengthen Nails

Although it’s very true that you might take some strategic action to make your nails the best that they can be. To know how to make nails stronger naturally just check out the following nail strengthening procedures.

1#Make Your Manicures Last Longer:

Make Your Manicures Last Longer

Excessive use of nail polish remover can make your nails dry. If you love keeping your nails polished then increases your pedicure or manicure longevity in order to decrease the amount of time your nails exposed to remover.


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For longer lasting color of nail polish push back your cuticles and make use of a hydrating base coat and durable top coat that gives more strengthening to your nails. Also apply nail polish over the free edges of your nail and reapply your top coat after the gapping of few days.

2#Try A DIY Olive Oil Nail Soak.

Soaking nails in olive oil helps in strengthening nails naturally. Just like the olive oil other oils such as Coconut oil, argan oil, vitamin E oil, tea tree oil, and castor oil works in the same way.

Take a bit of oil into a bowl and soak each of your fingers for 10 minutes. For your toes you can take the oils in your fingers and gently massage your toes with it. Give massage mainly at the nail beds and cuticles for proper blood circulation.


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In order to lock the moisture, try this soaking or massaging procedure on your nails at night. And after this don’t forget to wear gloves or socks before to bed for effective result.

3#Rounder Shape Breaks Less Easily:

Rounder Shape Breaks Less Easily

You must have to consider this fact that certain nail shapes are stronger as compared to other shapes. Square and pointed shape nails have more chances to get break because point edges can snap or sang easily which leads to breakage. Whereas, the round or oval shape nails gets the less impact when gets struck against any object.

4#Consider Upping Your Biotin Intake

Consider Upping Your Biotin Intake

Bibtotin is water soluble vitamin B coenzyme which is easily available as supplement in many health food stores. Dermatologist have found that taking the amount of about 2000 mcg to 3000 mcg (micrograms) biotin in supplement form for daily consumption shows best result in nails growth.

If you want to take natural biotin sources then include cold-water fish such as salmon, almonds, peanuts, Swiss chard, and eggs in your diet.


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5#Avoid Nail Polish Removers And Hand Sanitizers That Contain Alcohol

Avoid Nail Polish Removers

As it is already found in researches that acetone based nail polish removers or hand sanitizer put harsh effect on your nails health. It’s a fact that non-acetone removers are less drying but all nail polish removers at the end dries out your nails to some extent.

It is advised not to use them more than once in a week.  If possible take 2-4 week break in using these polish removals. As, this puts more hazardous affect on your nail as compared to actual nail polish.

6#Save Professional Mani/Pedis For A Special Treat

All the lovers of Manicures and pedicure think that it is the best way to maintain nails beauty. But the fact is overdoing this can also leads to you brittle, weak nails.

It is best to go with the dry manicure. As in this there is no such issue of water stresses on your nails. Dry Manicure leads to less polish chipping.


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7#Take Epsom Salt Foot Baths:

Take Epsom Salt Foot Baths

Everyday soak your feet in tub or bucket filled with warm water and ½ cup of Epsom salt solution. It is best foot relaxing therapy during pregnancy and it gives soothing effect to your swollen legs pain. Don’t forget to add some drops of any of the lavender, rose, rosemary, or wintergreen essential oil etc. This adds softness to your feet.

8#Keep Yourself Completely Hydrated

Keep Yourself Completely Hydrated

It’s very important to drink a lot of water in order to maintain a proper balance of fluid in your body. As right water balance promotes faster growth of baby within your womb.

Apart from that drinking adequate amount of water everyday also helps in removing of the harmful toxins from the body. By keeping your body hydrated you are indirectly helping your body to remove water retention by facilitating the excretion of excess fluid in the body.

9#Moisturize The Foot Skin With A Cream:

Foot creams are thicker and viscous than body formulas as it is supposed to deliver moisture. Choose such creams which gives complete moisture to your nail and feet area. Use cream that contains ingredients like petrolatum, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter, as these ingredients are just too good to pamper your nails beauty.

If around your nails calluses persists on your feet then use foot creams which contains exfoliating lactic acid. Foot moisturizing lotion contains urea breaks down calluses and smooth hardened heels.

Avoid creams which contain toxins like petrochemicals, as it harms your healthy feet. Habit of moisturizer application after feet cleaning can give your feet rest and also benefits your nails in many ways.

10#Remove Nail Fungus Infection:

Last but not the least if even after trying above nail strengthening procedure your nails breaks or fall very frequently then the case is of nail fungus infection. As, it is most commonly found that presence of nail fungus on nails makes it too weak and also hinders its proper growth.


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So, if your nail is facing such symptoms of nail fungus infection then you need to try the Zetaclear Solution. As it is the fastest way to prevent your nail from the attacks of fungus. This ultimate solution is works very effectively to treat any kind nail fungus infection.

Wrap Up:

Following the above mentioned tips and tricks will surely help your nail to get strengthen with the time. But do have any idea that the condition of your nails can also be an indicator of deeper health concerns. So, consult with your dermatologist about any nail health or issues you are rendering through.


Top 10 Ways To Strengthen Nails Overnight
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Top 10 Ways To Strengthen Nails Overnight
To know how to make nails stronger naturally just check out the following nail strengthening procedures.
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