Do Pedicures Cause Nail Fungus?

Do Pedicure Causes Nail Fungus

A pedicure is generally done to make your feet look clean, clear and attractive but have you ever heard that pedicure may cause some toenail issues? Yes, believe it or not, but pedicure may cause toenail issues like toenail fungus infection, black toenails, white toenails, discolored toenails and more. So, if you are not aware of these issues caused by pedicure then you should definitely read this blog.


Here, in this blog, you will get to know what kind of toenail problems you may notice after pedicure. They are very common but people do not notice those issues because after completing pedicure treatment, they used to put nail paint on it and so people are unable to find any issue.

To get clear overview on whether pedicure causes nail fungus or not. And if it causes what type of nail problems are commonly rendered. or how to get rid of such toenail issues caused after pedicure. So check out the complete post and get answer of all your queries.

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What is Pedicure Treatment?

pedicure treatment

A pedicure is generally considered to be the best way to pamper your toes. While your feet soak in a soothing hot bath, you generally feel so relaxed. After the soaking phase is over, a technician skillfully shapes the toenails and applies a nail paint of your choice.

Not only nail paint, she may also add acute little design on it. However, due to putting nail paint, no one notices that their toenail conditions have changed. Some people may not even have any toenail problems after getting a pedicure because of the cleanliness of the salons or parlors.

But, in the meantime, if the parlor is not clean then you may have toenail problems like black toenails, fungal infection, white toenails, discolored toenails and more.

Do not forget to pre-screen your parlor or salon because it is very important to first analyze the parlor before you sit relaxed for pedicure treatment.

Pre-Screen Your Parlor Or Salon

Generally, all the podiatrists suggest their patients to first scope out the pedicure salon. It is quite vital to make sure that the instruments used on your feet are properly sterilized. The foot bowls and baths should be cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant between the clients.

Always visit the place where you will be going for a pedicure. If you have a time and staying in the queue then you can watch and see what they actually do during the complete treatment. Make sure that they bring out the new instruments for each client.

Also, make sure that the technicians use a process called autoclaving for cleanliness of the tools. It is a process applied in hospitals to sterilize the surgical tools. If they too follow this then you don’t have any chances of getting any toenail problem but if they do not then the chances are higher.

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Common Toenail Problems After Pedicure

Common Toenail Problems After Pedicure

When pedicures go bad then you may face different toenail problems. Toenail problems may cause if the pedicure tools are not sterilized properly. Sometimes problems may occur immediately or sometimes later or sometimes even months later. Some of the rare problems are the bacterial infection and viral infection. But, the most common toenail problems rendered after pedicure you may notice are as follows:

#1: Toenail Fungus Infection

toenail fungus

Toenail fungus is a highly contagious issue. After getting pedicure treatment, you may notice that your toenails turn to yellow and shows signs of fungus infection. Most of the women don’t even notice this infection as much until their toenails start to become thicken and sometimes becomes discolored.

This is one of the most common results of a rogue pedicure. But, this needs to be treated soon to avoid having any other toenail issues. In order to treat toenail fungus infection, you may go through the below treatment to get rid of toenail fungus infection.

Emoninail To Treat Toenail Fungus Infection


Well, in order to treat toenails fungus, you can try home remedies but sometimes it does not work and so you can also try a topical treatment known as Emoninail. It is the most effective, all-natural and powerful treatment to cure toenail fungus infection. This treatment has been manufactured through several scientific studies and clinical trials. Several reasons are there that causes toenail fungus and to combat this issue, Emoninail has been made.

order emoninail

How To Apply Emoninail To Cure White Toenails

Follow these steps to get rid of toenail fungus with Emoninail:

Step 1: Cut The Infected Toenails

In the first step, you have to cut the infected toenails so that the fungus can stop entering the toenail bed.

Step 2: Wash And Dry

In the second step, you need to wash and dry the infected white toenails properly. You can then apply the warm water to the white toenails, it will loosen the skin. This will help the solution to enter into the affected toenail area.

Step 3: Apply The Product

In the third step, you have to apply the product to the infected toenails. The solution should be placed over the front of the toenail and the base of the toe as well.

Step 4: Let It Dry Completely

Last, but not the least, you need to let the solution completely dry. If you want to get the best results, you can apply the solution twice a day.

#2: Black Toenail Fungus

black toenails

While undergoing with pedicure beauty treatment, if a technician cuts your toenails very short then it can lead your toenails to become black because of the infection. In general term, it is called black toenail fungus.

Sometimes it happens that when you get very close to your skin with toenail clippers then there is a high chance to get black toenail after pedicure, especially when you walk around barefoot a lot. But you can try these below-mentioned remedies to get rid of black toenail fungus infection.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Black Toenails

If you have white toenails then you should definitely try these below-mentioned home remedies. They are very easy to prepare and apply the remedies. Have a look at some of the common and effective home remedies for black toenail fungus treatments:

Remedy #1: Mixture Of Olive Oil & Oregano Oil

oregano and olive oil

Olive oil and oregano oil are essential for black toenails treatment. Olive oil is used to make the harsh skin silky and soft.  However, oregano oil has antiseptic, antibacterial and antiparasitic properties that play an important role in clearing the black toenails with an ease.

How To Apply These Oils On Your Toenails

You need to just simply mix one tablespoon of olive oil and 2 drops of oregano oil. Now you need to apply this mixture of oils for regular three weeks on the black toenails. It would be a better option if you always apply this remedy before you go to bed at night

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Remedy #2: Try Listerine


In order to treat black toenails, then you can try listerine. Listerine contains some antiseptic properties of alcohols and some other substances are generally found in the mouthwash. This also contains salicylate and eucalyptol that used to form an effective treatment for black toenails.

How To Apply This Remedy

First of all, you need to fill up a small bowl with a listerine in order to submerge the affected toenails. Leave this mixture to soak for about 15 to 20 minutes. Try this three times a day for some regular days. You can also use listerine with a small brush. This is the most concentrated method to treat black toenails.

Also, another remedy you can try is by mixing 1:1 mixture of listerine and vinegar and soak your feet in it for about half an hour for some regular days.

Remedy #3: Use Lavender Oil & Tea Tree Oil

lavender-oil and teatree oil

For black toenails treatment, you can also try lavender oil and tea tree oil together. This remedy will be very helpful for you to fight against the black toenails infection. These essential oils sued to contains some different volatile compounds that are quite beneficial for the foot skin. So, you can also try this below remedy to get rid of black toenails.

How To Apply These Oils On Your Black Toenails

Put tea tree oil and lavender oil of equal amount on a cotton swab and then dab it under the corners of the toenails for about 5 minutes. Also, you can warm these oils before you use them.

Or, apart from the above remedy, you can make a mixture of tea tree oil and lavender oil and apply this mixture on the affected black toenails. If you try this before you go to bed then it is better. And after this, put a pair of thick woolen socks as these will trap the body heat and will heal the black toenails effectively.

#3: White Toenail Fungus

white toenails

The beauty procedure – pedicure can actually damage the cuticle and fresh nail growth at the base. After the fresh growth emerges then there is the chance of having white spots on toenails after pedicure. Also, if you play sports then make sure that you cut your toenails short and straight. If you do so then it will reduce the chances of injury.

However, if you find that you have white toenails after getting a pedicure then you can try the below mentioned home remedies to get rid of white toenails or white spots on toenails after pedicure.

Zetaclear To Treat White Toenail Fungus



Zetaclear is a special product which is specifically designed to cure white toenails. This is a topical solution rich in plant oils used to works extremely well on the white toenail fungus. The manufacturers of this special product claim that Zetaclear used to kill all the toenails infections and enhances toenail health and clear white toenails. This is the best topical solution for treating white toenails.

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How To Use Zetaclear?

In the pack of Zetaclear, you will get two things, one is oral spray and other is a topical solution. So, you have to use it individually to get let the product work done properly.

To use the oral spray, the manufacturers have recommended that there are two sprays that will be delivered under the tongue three times a day for adults and those who are above the age of twelve. No child below the age of twelve should use this spray.

When it comes to the topical solution, it comes with a built in applicator brush. You need to apply three brush strokes three times a day to the affected toenail area.

It is recommended not to use the brush again rather you can use a cotton swab to apply the topical solution. This will prevent from getting spreading the infection.

Precautions To Take During Pedicure For Preventing Nail Fungus

Precautions To Take During Pedicure For Preventing Nail Fungus

Basic idea of pedicure is performing series of action to maximize efficiency of feet. Well pedicure helps to prevent fungus formation beneath skin and protects your feet from bacterial infection.

If you wish to enhance the efficiency of your feet feel free to use the tips listed below and schedule your pedicure today.

  1. Approach for a well maintained salon which is well ventilated to prevent unnecessary exposure to fumes and chemicals.
  2. Visit salon beforehand to inspect their hygiene methods, practices and equipment.
  3. Fix appointment only at licensed salon with good health inspection record.
  4. Book early morning appointment to reduce exposure to bacteria and infection.
  5. Avoid intake of foods item meanwhile the pedicure procedure for better ingesting of chemicals accidentally.
  6. Make sure that tools are being used during pedicure are well sterilized thoroughly in autoclave sterilizer.
  7. Carry your own files and nail clippers.
  8. Make sure that the chemicals used on you are not having harmful chemicals in the products.
  9. If your skin is already having any cut then don’t go to the salon to prevent infections.
  10. Tell your pedicure professional not to cut or push back your cuticles in order to prevent bacterial or fungal infection.


A pedicure is generally done to make your toes beautiful. Whenever women need to go to any party or other functions then they love to get their foot pedicure treatment. And sometimes, they used to come across different toenail problems after pedicure. So, get the best way to treat all the common toenail problems you may get after a pedicure. You can try all the above respective treatments to treat the common toenail problems you may get after pedicure.


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