Cure Toenail Issues That Occurs Due To Exercise, Running And Playing

toenail issues after physical exercise

Toe and foot pain are very common problems for runner, players and for those who do exercise. Yes, this has become very common toenail issues in youngsters as well as old age people who even go for walking in the morning and evening time. The foot used to take a great deal of stress and must hold the full weight of the body on just a small surface area.

Athletes and runners very well understand the importance of healthy toenails and feet. Whether you are going on a hiking, long walk, running, exercising or playing soccer, your feet need to be the best. If there is any problem with your feet or toe, it can affect your athletic ability very badly and this will also make your life very difficult.


And for this reason, painful toenail issues after physical exercise such as running, walking or playing can become a great problem for you. Those who are involved in the physical exercises like running, walking or playing, can’t be at your peak performance if they have any toenail issue that hurts.

So, the best thing you can do is to find out what is causing that pain in the toenail or what is hurting their toenail. At first, we will discuss what kind of shoes do you generally wear while doing any physical exercise?

Do You Wear Right Kind of Shoes?

If you are doing any physical exercise then wearing right kind of athletic shoes is very important.   Most importantly, runners should wear such shoes to avoid any toenail issues.

right shoes for exercising

Running causes a repetitive motion for your feet and toes. If your shoes don’t fit properly in your feet then that repetition can lead to several toenail issues. Wearing improper footwear is one of the major causes of foot and toenail issues for athlete’s foot.

One of the biggest issues is the footwear that does not fit the right way. This can not only cause a buildup of moisture but also a repetitive trauma to your toenails. If you find that your toes are crammed into your shoes and you are rubbing them on the inside of the shoes then some issues can occur which includes:

Due to these conditions, if your sneakers are tight then it is better if you use the best shoe stretchers so that it can create some more space. This will reduce any toenails issues after physical exercise and allows your feet to breathe freely. In the above issues, I have included black toenail. Do you have any idea what black toenail fungus is and how it can be cured?

No??? Don’t worry…. Here I will let you know everything about black toenails like its causes and ways to get rid of it.

About Black Toenail Fungus black toenail

For some runners, getting a black toenail is very common. It is generally known as Runner’s toe. For some people, it is the idea that you run so much, your toenail turns black and known to be black toenail fungus. But this just a prediction of some people but somehow this is quite true.

Generally, black toenail fungus is caused by shoes that don’t fit correctly on your feet. Your toenail turns black due to dried up blood underneath the nail. This can be quite painful and sometimes the nail may fall off. Apart from this, there are several other causes of black toenail fungus.

Usually, it occurs when your toes rub consistently against the front part of your shoes.  However, black toenail fungus can be cured with some natural home remedies. Below you can have a look at some most effective home remedies to treat toenail fungus.


black toenail fungus


After knowing the best home remedies to treat black toenail fungus, it’s time to know the best footwear for physical exercise. So, in the below section, you will get to know how to choose the best footwear for physical exercise.

You can also have a look at the pictorial representation of the Black Toenail Fungus in the below link.

[Infographic] – Causes And Home Remedies For Black Toenail Fungus

Causes And Home Remedies For Black Toenail Fungus

Choose the Best Footwear For Physical Exercise

When it comes to choosing the best footwear for exercise, you should always choose the shoe that is about ½ size bigger. Try exercise shoes before you purchase and make sure you have much space in the toe area so that you can move your toes inside.

You can select your shoes from the specialty store, they will have the wide variety of options. They will help you fit you properly for the right size. At some point, it also becomes very important to look if you have a foot injury. This can also let you experience toenail issues after physical exercise.

Check For Any Foot Injury

When we are physically active, our toenails tend to take a beating. It is common to experience an injury of some kind. Some of the toenail injuries are noticeable than other and some are only painful but do not show any visible signs. If you have toenail pain, then it is better to check your symptoms to determine if an underlying injury may be causing it.

Some foot injuries due to running and ailments that take place from exercising may include:

  • Bunions
  • Calluses
  • Blisters
  • Cuts and scrapes

Sometimes, toenail issues after physical exercise may also cause due to ingrown toenail fungus.

Ingrown Toenail Fungus: How To Deal With It? ingrown-toenail-picture

One of the most common injuries is the ingrown toenail fungus infection. This toenail issue can be very painful if they are treated in time. An ingrown toenail generally occurs when the corner of toenail curves directly into the skin.

They can be caused due to wearing tight-fitting shoes, cutting your nails too short, having nails that are naturally too curved or trauma to the nail. Ingrown toenail fungus infection not causes pain and swelling but also can put you at risk for infection. Taking care of yourself is quite important if you find that you have an ingrown toenail.

However, you can also try some natural home remedies to treat ingrown toenail fungus infection. Below you can have a look at some home remedies to get rid of ingrown toenail fungus.

Home Remedies To Treat Ingrown Toenail Fungus Infection

You can look at the pictorial representation of ingrown toenails in the below infographic:

all about ingrown toenails

Some Tips to Take Care Of Toenails

Taking care of your toenail is very important if you are physical active. With having some right kind of foot care and a little extra effort, you will be able to reduce the chances of having any toenail issues after physical exercise. Below you can have a look at some common tips to take care of your toenails:

  • Let Your Feet To Breathe: If you are not exercising then give your feet and nails little time to breathe. You can try to avoid wearing shoes or socks around the home.
  • Choose the Right Socks and Shoes: We have already discussed above the type of shoes you should choose. So, if you are exercising, your feet are likely to become sweaty. If your socks soak up and trap that moisture then it can lead to a fungal infection.
  • Keep Your Nails Trimmed: If you have long toenails then it makes it easy for moisture to get trapped underneath them. Also, they can easily be caught in your socks and can create tearing as well. So, try to keep your nails always trimmed to avoid such toenail issues.


As already mentioned above that toenail issues can be very irritating and painful as well, so, taking proper care of toenail is very important. You may come across several toenail issues after physical exercise due to several reasons. Black toenail fungus and ingrown toenails are the major issues that occur after physical exercise.

However, you can cure toenail fungus issues very well with some effective home remedies. You can try the above remedies to get rid of these toenail issues. I hope that you are much satisfied with the information I have provided to you. I have done my best to collect the information that can help you to know everything about toenail issues after physical exercise. If you want to share something then you write in the below comment section. Thank You!!!


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