Effective Way to Cure Ingrown Toenail Weeping

toenail weeping

Do you have any idea why your toenails get wept? Are you looking for different ways to cure toenail weeping issue? Do you want to get rid of this toenail issue as soon as possible? Have you noticed that your toenail weeping issue has made you suffered a lot and is also causing other health issues as well?


Well, if answers to all these questions are yes, then do not worry because here in this blog, you will get to know everything about weeping under toenail issue. Yes, you will get to know everything about toenail weeping issue here including the causes of toenail weeping, symptoms and how to cure ingrown toenail weeping issue as well. So, let’s start reading the below sections of this blog.


Why Is My Toenail Weeping?

There are various symptoms which are related to toenail infections. Generally, few of the symptoms consist of oozing, darkening and foul odors which comes out beneath the toenail. This pus or oozing shows that our toenail is really weeping. Naturally, there are few infections which becomes the reason for pus or oozing. In medical language “pus” or “oozing” is depicted as “Paronychia” and Onychia”.

Moreover, they are consigned for the bacterial or fungal disease of the toenails. Onychia is the disease of a definite toenail. Paronychia is skin infectivity which environs the nail. If you are liable you can spot the weeping and pus through Paronychia. It causes irritation in the region of the toenail and forms swelling. Within this editorial, we’ll examine what are the reasons for these kinds of diseases.

Additionally, we will wrap up the symptoms and the treatment of toenail weeping here.  If you are having any type of infection in the order of your toenail it may create big trouble if it is not healed properly. Don’t allow the symptoms like pus or oozing to go on; otherwise, it may take a critical step.

toenail weeping

What Causes Toenail Weeping?

Various effects may co-operate an aspect of ingrown weeping toenail infection. It can be fungal or bacterial. A few of the ordinary causes can be seen in the below paragraph.

Bacterial Infection

Generally, bacterial infections may arise due to a range of causes. One of the major givers to bacterial diseases is ingrown toenails. If they are developing inside your skin, causing a wound, then it is rendering your skin to bacteria.

Trauma to the Nail

Several people consider that toenail trauma have to be single time, heavy hitting occurrence. In fact, trauma is probable to be continual by time, whereas tight shoes which are stretched and will permit your toe to hit alongside them repeatedly. A virus can arise if the toenails get spoilt or else the adjoining skin. When your shoes are rasping in opposition to your toenails, it’s probable that they are too stretched.

The Right Conditions

Occasionally, the weeping toenail may arise due to the situation we enclose ourselves through. Fungus takes place and flourishes in wet and gloomy regions. Toenail fungus frequently happens because of the wetness that acquires and trapped under the toenail bed. This may occur due to the mass of causes since captivating public showers till wearing sticky socks the whole day.

Unsanitary Conditions

When the nails are not treated correctly, bacterial and fungal infections mutually takes place. It is essential to be sure about the uses of the equipment and the practices when you are habitually going to nail salon. If the whole thing is not disinfected accurately, you might be laying yourself into danger or risk.

What Are the Symptoms of Weeping Toenail

Since there are lots of dissimilar habits to deal with toenail infections, it’s essential to be conscious of the symptoms you ought to appear for. The previous you identify these symptoms, the earlier you can begin healing.

A few of the general symptoms of a weeping toenail infection are as follows:

Early-stage symptoms include:

  • the skin near the nail becomes tender, hard, and swollen
  • pain occurs when little pressure is applied on the toe
  • fluid gets build up on the toe

If your toe gets infected, then the symptoms are:

  • red, and swollen skin
  • bleeding
  • pain
  • overgrowth of skin
  • oozing pus
  • Ache and distress. By definite infections, you might appear a sore beneath the toenail, which causes the area of pus to comprise. If the weeping is continuing it might really grow to be tough, sufficient to start removing the toenail from the toenail bed.
  • Irritation of the skin adjoining the toenail. This is liable anywhere where you can observe weeping or oozing.

Usually, bacterial infections illustrate us suddenly. It makes them durable to grab, while they are fresh. Though, toenail fungus infections have expanded above instance. It would be superior to you if you notice them previously. One of the previous symptoms of toenail fungus is a tiny spot in the center of the nail.

How to Cure Ingrown Toenail Weeping Issue?

There are two ingrown toenail treatment options which will help you in curing your toenail weeping issue.

Medical Treatment: 


Whenever you notice that your toenail is weeping, you must consult a specialist. Expectedly, they will be capable to verify the cause and observe if you comprise a swelling. The consultant may ditch the pus, and they might take a biopsy for more research. In some cases, surgery is required. Your doctor might want to eliminate the infected part of the toenail plate, or else a bit of ruined skin, which completely depend on the condition of the case.

Home Treatment:

If there is no removal of toenail skin then the consultant may recommend you antifungal, anti-inflammatory or antiseptic treatments. These treatments can be bought easily at the recommended stores and more. On the other hand, it is essential to recognize what kind of infection you are commencing through, where you will be able to find a perfect cure for weeping toenail.

To cure ingrown toenail weeping issue at home if caught early, try the below-given remedy:

  • Soak your Toe in Luke warm water for 15 to 20 minutes and three to four times daily

  • Use a cotton ball or bud that is soaked in olive oil to push the ingrown nail skin down and far from the skin, try this on daily basis and don’t forget to change the cotton ball every time you soak your toe

 apply the Vicks Vaporub

  • Use the-counter medicines, like acetaminophen (Tylenol), to prevent pain

  • Apply a topical antibiotic, such as polymyxin and neomycin (both present in Neosporin) or a steroid cream, for preventing infection

Try this home treatment for few days to few weeks to remove an infected ingrown toenail. If still the pain occurs and you have difficulty in walking or doing other activities, the see your doctor.

Can I Prevent an Infection Under the Toenail?

Avoiding a toenail issue is not somewhat that you be able to give a warranty. Various prospective aspects and reasons are drawn in it. Though, some effects are there which will help us to defend ourselves from latent diseases.

  • Have suitable sanitation among your feet. Rinse them daily with antiseptic or germ protection soap and be confirmed that they are dried out at the time of cleansing them. Significantly, always try to keep your feet waterless as probable because it may generate fungal exertion. For superlative results, you can pertain an antiseptic and antifungal powder.
  • For avoiding fragments and wetness, you should keep your toenails tidily clipped. For finest results, you should cut your toenails in straight lines.
  • Apply a moisturizing cream daily on your toes and your cracked feet, unwrap due to aridness. It may cause you a bacterial illness if the split of the feet is release.
  • Always try to carry that type of shoes that fit appropriately. Shoes which are loose can give pain to your toes solitary. It may result in frequent strain.

It is very essential to be aware of that, why toenail weeping is causing many people. Despite the fact that, if you think you comprise with one of the probable infections considered over, speak to your consultant. They will be capable to provide you a proper verdict and advise you for appropriate treatment.

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Toenail weeping is such a great irritation issue that let you face several health issues as well. But, there is no need to worry if you have a perfect cure for you. And after reading this blog, you may have noticed that there are some perfect treatments mentioned that will help you a lot in treating toenail weeping issue. If you want to get rid of toenail weeping issue then you should follow these treatments mentioned here.



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