Learn The Causes & Possible Treatments For Black Spots On Toenails

Black Spots On Toenails

Have you recently noticed black spots on toenails? Do you want to know more about this issue? Are you looking for the ways to completely get rid of it?

If yes, then do not worry because here in this post, you will get to know all about black spots on toenail, its causes and treatment as well. So, if you are much interested to know about these then you can follow this blog.


Every person on this earth desires clean and beautiful toenails and fingernails. It looks quite ugly when the nail becomes dark, flaky and black with the problem of onychomycosis of toenail.

The black spots on toenail cause embarrassment when you actually do not have your shoes on. The different types of toenail fungus include mold and yeast and these grow eventually and cause the situations to worsen as the infected one will notice more dark or black spots on toenails.

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Well, to get rid of black spots on toenail, it is important to know the causes of toenail fungus or dark spot under toenail and symptoms of this toenail issue so that you can avoid such things to happen again in life.

So, let us have a look at the causes and the symptoms of black or dark spots on nails in the below section.

Symptoms of Black Spots on Toenail:

There are some signs and symptoms that may lead you to have black spots on toenail. See what they are:

  • Change of color to a darker shade of black is any injury
  • When blood or any fluid gets accumulated beneath the toenail
  • When there is a growth of any toenail fungus infection in your toe

These three situations are the major signs that can lead you to get black spots on toenail. Now, it’s time to look for some causes. So, to know the causes along with their treatment of black spots on toenail, you can have a look at the below section of this blog.

Common Causes And Treatments of Black Spots On Toenail

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Cause #1: Bacterial Infection

Green or black spots on your toenails can be sometimes a bacterial infection. This is generally caused by bacteria, known as Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Such bacteria can affect any part of the body. Getting bacterial infection is not a problem until it gets in between toenail bed and nail plates after the skin breaks.

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One of the most common symptoms of bacterial infection that causes black spots on toenail is the sweetish smell, the infected area produces. For its treatment, you should see a dermatologist for treatment.

In order to help with the healing process and in order to avoid future infection then you should not wear open toe shoes all the time. Also, you should not walk in the grass and dirt barefoot. Apart from these, you can also remove the bacteria in the toenail folds by simply cleaning out debris with a soft toothbrush.

Cause #2: Toenail Injury

Toenail injury is one of the major causes of black spots on toenails. The possible causes of toenail range from stubbing a toe to dropping a heavy object on your toenail.  Most probably, the black spot on toenail is caused by broken capillaries under the toenail.


In order to treat black spots on toenail, you need to take painkillers and then apply a cold compress to the injured toe. If the injury is much severe then you might lose your toenail. However, the spot should clear as your toenail grows.

Cause #3: Skin Cancer

The black spots on toenail can be caused due to acral lentiginous melanoma. This is just a type of skin cancer that generally appears on the big toe. This area of the toe may have vertical borders that can change with time.


In order to treat skin cancer, you should hurriedly consult a doctor and get treated as soon as possible. For any skin cancer, you may also get treated with chemotherapy or radiations may be given to affected area.

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Causes #4:  Runner’s Toe

Runner’s toe is generally caused by wearing shoes that do not actually fit your feet. Due to tight wearing shoes, the pressure built up by each step while running, it causes injury to the toenail. This further causes black spots on toenail.



In order to get rid of black spots on toenail causes due to physical exercises like running, you should first get new shoes. If the pain is not severe then you can somehow ignore the black spot on toenail. It would be better if you take a two or three day off from running. Also, it is very important to make sure that the infected area of the toenail is clean and dry enough.

If it reoccurs then you try to wear shoes that are one-half bigger than your foot. Also, you should make sure that toenails are kept trimmed just enough to avoid exposing the toenail’s injured area.

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Cause #5: Fungus Infection

Toenail fungus infection, commonly known as onychomycosis can also cause black spots on toenail. This is generally accompanied by a yellow toenail, brittle and discoloration of toenail, distorted or crumbling toenails.


When it comes to treat toenail fungus infection, you can use antigungal medication like terbinafine(Lamisil) and itraconazole (Sporanox). This will generally help you grow new toenails that are infection free. You can also apply medicated nail polish in order to cure toenail fungus infection.

It is always advisable to trim the toenails to reduce pressure on the toenail area. You can also try the surgical method to cure toenail fungus or apart from these, you can also try some home remedies to treat toenail fungus infection.

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As you can see in the above sections of this blog that black spots on toenail can be a major issue and it has to be treated as soon as possible. You can see that there are several causes of black spots on toenail and the treatments are also available there for toenails issues.

You can try the treatments mentioned in the above section of this blog. So, try all the treatments for black spots on toenail that causes due to several reasons. If you have any suggestion or anything to say then you can write in the below comment section.


Learn The Causes & Possible Treatments For Black Spots On Toenails
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