Onychoschizia Or Split Toenails – Learn Its Causes, Treatments & Preventions

Onychoschizia Or Split Toenails

Do you have split, cracked, brittle or soft toenails? Do you suffer from cracked or splitting toenails? Are you looking for the reasons why it is happening and the treatments also to repair cracked or split toenails?

Well, if all the answers to the above questions are yes then do not worry at all. This is because you have absolutely come to the right place.

In this blog, you will get to know everything about split toenails such as its causes, treatments and prevention.


Do you know that cracked or split toenail is also known as Onychoschizia. Yes, this another term given to cracked or split toenails.

The health of your toenails or fingernails is a great indicator of your overall health. It is believed that if there is problem with your toenail, it means there is something wrong within your body.

When you suffer from cracked or split toenails or onychoschizia toenail, then it becomes quite embarrassing and very painful as well. Sometimes, it can also put you at great risk for some bigger concerns like a toenail fungus infection.

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Having cracked or split toenail makes your toes unattractive and it can also make uncomfortable to wear open-toes shoes.

However, there could be several causes of cracked or split toenails issue but onychoschizia treatment is possible with some effective available treatments.

You can get the best treatments to repair cracked or split toenails in this blog. In the below section, you will get to know about some common cracked or split nail causes.

Causes of Cracked or Split Toenails

Below are some of the major causes of having cracked or split toenails. After this section, you will get the best ways to repair split toenails. But, at first, have a look at them on by one:

  • Too Much Moisture: When you expose your feet to too much moisture then it can make your toenails cracked. People who are involved in occupations like swimming, lifeguards, fishermen, etc have lots of exposure to water and this can lead to having split or cracked toenails.

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  • Aging: As you age, toenails become cracked or split. This is a great signs of aging. Generally, a body loses their ability to hold in moisture, nails become split, brittle or can easily be broken.
  • Trauma: Trauma is another major cause of onychoschizia. Trauma is a condition when a heavy body lands on your toenails with repeated rubbing on the shoes while playing a game like basketball, tennis or even dancing.

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  • Thyroid Issue: Hypothyroidism, generally known defined as underactive thyroid, is another common underlying cause for cracked toenails. Hypothyroidism is generally accompanied by other symptoms such as fatigue, rapid weight gain and brittle hairs.
  • Skin Conditions: There are some skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can also attack the toenails and make them susceptible to cracking.
Three More Causes Are There, Look Below:
  • Excess Use of Chemical Products: Some harsh chemicals such as nail polishes, detergents, nail polish removers and paints among others may also be lead to breaking of the toenails.

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  • Raynaud’s Phenomenon: This is another cause of cracked or split toenails because of the poor blood circulation to the toenails.
  • Nutritional Deficiency: Last but not the least, a nutritional deficiency also causes toenails to crack or split. Most probably, biotin and iron deficiency causes a split or cracked toenails.

These all are the major causes of cracked or split toenails. However, you can easily treat cracked or split toenails with the help of some treatments that can be done at home. If you are interested enough to know how to treat cracked toenails or split toenails then you can proceed to the below section.

Treatments To Repair Cracked or Split Toenails Or Onychoschizia

You can have a look at onychoschizia treatment or the treatments for cracked toenails or split toenails in the below part of this blog.

Sometimes, the ways to repair split toenails may be depended on the cracked or split nails causes.

But apart from this, there are some good things that you can do in order to treat cracked toenails or split toenails.

You can try these below treatments to fix cracked or split toenails. Have a look at them one by one:

Home Treatment #1: Try Vicks Vaporub

Vicks VapoRub

You can try to apply vicks vaporub to cure cracked or split toenails. For this, you just have to wash your feet clean and pat dry. Now apply vicks over each cracked toenail and wear clean washed socks and leave it overnight. In the next morning, remove the socks and wash off the vicks vaporub from your nails with lukewarm water and soap.

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Home Treatment #2: Use Apple Cider Vinegar


You can also make use of apple cider vinegar to treat cracked or split toenails. You have to just soak your feet in a mixture of equal parts of apple cider vinegar and lukewarm water for not more than half an hour. Now towel dry your feet after this procedure and try to do this for at least five times a day to get better results.

Home Treatment #3: Apply Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

You can also combine tea tree oil with some lavender oil to cure cracked or split toenails. Make use of this combination of herbal oil on each cracked toenail every day. You can place a drop on each of the toenails and rub them gently. After this wear clean socks over this and leave it overnight. You can repeat this remedy three times a day.

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Wait…Prevention Is Also Important Part To Know About!!!

Ways to Prevent Cracked Or Split Toenails

Once you get to know the major cause behind facing split or cracked toenails issue, you will have a better idea to prevent further damage. So, below you can have a look at some most common and major preventions to stop this from happening again.

  • Moisturize: There is a great need to maintain proper moisture in your toenails with adding lotion or essential oil to hands and nails and moisturizing cleansing soap every day. Such lotions should contain alpha-hydroxy acid. Try to wet toenail bed and use some essential oils such as avocado, shea butter, jojoba oil.
  • Be Gentle: While caring your toenails, use a gentle hand as you treat the tips with a very fine nail file. You can use single strokes in a one-way motion, rounding the nails. Try to rub any irregularities in the directions the nail grows.
  • Use Polish Carefully: The colors and the hardeners in nail polish can cause toenails to become dry and brittle. You should use nail polishes that contain nylon fibers and try to avoid those with harsh chemicals. In order to prevent damage, you can remove nail polish after five days.
  • Nail Spa: You need to treat your nails to a healing soak with sea salt and other essential oils two to three times a week. Combine two tablespoons of fine grain sea salts with two drops of myrrh, lemon, wheat germ essential oils and frankincense. Try to soak them for 10 for 15 minutes and then rinse it with warm water before you apply any moisturizer.
  • Maintain Length: You can avoid splitting by keeping your nails cut to a suitable length for daily use. You can maintain the length of the toenails by having a professional manicure on a regular basis to keep cuticles and nail beds in good shape.

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As already mentioned that cracked or split toenails are unattractive and it can also make uncomfortable for you to wear open-toes shoes, so there are some treatments mentioned in this blog. With such treatments, you can try to cure cracked or split toenails easily at home.

However, it is also seen that treatments generally depends on the cause of split or cracked toenails. And in this blog, causes are also mentioned so you can have a look at them.

Apart from these, you can prevent toenails to become cracked or split, you can try the preventions mentioned in the upper section of this blog.

I think the information provided to you is quite enough to know about cracked or split toenails, its causes, treatments and prevention as well.

So, try to grab the benefits from this blog if you are suffering from this issue. Or if you have any suggestions or you want to share something then you can write in the below comment section. Thank you!!!


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