Learn Best Ways To Cure Yellow Toenails During Pregnancy Naturally


It is so joyful time when you are pregnant. But are you dealing with yellow toenails during pregnancy? Are you looking for treatments to get rid of yellow toenails during pregnancy? Want to get rid of yellow toenails as soon as possible? Well, answers to all these questions are yes then do not worry because here in this blog, you will get to know everything about yellow nails during pregnancy including its treatment. So, stay connected to this blog and get all your answers.


Being pregnant is a joyful moment but what if you deal with yellow toenails infection? Well, let me clear one thing that women who have a weak immune system or have poor circulation in their foot are most likely to get toenail infection during pregnancy. Sometimes it also happens that you may have yellow toenail fungus infection long before you got pregnant but you are noticing now the signs of infection. The toenail fungus used to live under the toenail bed and it does not show any signs until it becomes serious enough.

What Causes Yellow Toenails During Pregnancy?

Well, toenails also tend to change just like the other part of a woman’s body during the pregnancy. Most of the women notice that their toenails and fingernails change for the better but sometimes for the worst as well. Every woman is different and changes in toenails are very common during pregnancy. Generally, toenails return to their normal form after delivery.

Having normal toenail are generally clear in color and do not show any major issues like indentations, cracks, abnormal shapes or ridges in toenails. But during pregnancy, your toenails may become yellow in color and could be a result of some issues putting nail paints and getting older.

Toenail Infection And Pregnancy

The very impactful moment in a woman’s life is her pregnancy. This is a very complicated process that every woman has to go through to give a birth to new life. However, during pregnancy, there are several physiological and anatomical changes made in her body to accommodate and nurture the fetus that is developing inside a mother’s womb.

Due to this, generally, there is an increase in production of blood pressure, change in body’s shape and abnormalities in the biochemical balance of the body. Also, during pregnancy, your toenails may grow faster and become yellow in color due to the formation of extra hormones in the body. So, do not worry if it happens. As I have already mentioned that you will know here what you can do to get rid of yellow toenails during pregnancy. But I would like to mention one thing that you should avoid using nail polish during pregnancy as the chemicals present in the nail polish are very harmful to your nails.

When To Eliminate Yellow Toenail Infection– Before or After Pregnancy?

Well, the decision of when you should treat yellow toenails generally depends on the tolerance level. Yes, there are some safe ways to tackle toenail fungus infection during pregnancy. During the pregnancy, most of the women find a great enthusiasm in order to eliminate yellow nails during pregnancy.

If you are burning around 500 to 800 calories breastfeeding and you are packing your meal with healthy nutrients then you will find the weight is coming off very quickly. This will be a great time to seek toenail fungus treatments help.

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Some Home Remedies To Treat Yellow Toenails During Pregnancy

While you are pregnant, it is highly recommended to not take any other medications apart from the medicines prescribed by your gynecologist. But, you can try some easy to apply remedies as they are completely natural and so will not harm you in any manner. So, look at these below natural home remedies to treat toenail infection during pregnancy.

Remedy #1: Foot Soaks

foot soaks


Generally, foot soaks works better than anything. This remedy kills the toenail infection that you got during pregnancy. You will not find your toenails yellow anymore if treated with foot soaks. You can add baking soda to the bowl filled with warm water and soak your feet there for about 30-40minutes and then pat dry. Try this twice a day for some regular days and soon you will notice that you don’t have yellow toenails anymore. Now your toenail looks completely clear and normal in color.


Remedy #2: Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil

Apart from foot soaks, you can also try tea tree oil to treat yellow toenails during pregnancy.  Tea tree oil is very effective at killing toenail fungus and it is also very safe to apply. During the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties present in tea tree oil, it helps a lot to kill toenail infection.

As tea tree oil is strong and effective, it should be diluted with any other carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil. Both these oils are essential oils so they will not dilute the healing properties. For this, you just have to put some oil on a cotton swab and put it on your yellow toenails. Now let them completely dry. You can try this twice a day for best results.

Remedy #3: Vicks Vaporub

apply the Vicks Vaporub

Another home remedy can be applied to treat yellow nails during pregnancy is the Vicks Vaporub. Yes, this may be sound like the old wives’ tale but it is true. Vicks Vaporub helps a lot in treating yellow toenails. You just have to rub Vicks Vaporub on your toenail few times a day. The ingredients present in the Vicks Vaporub will automatically clear the infection from your toenails and makes your toenails look natural.

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Some Preventions You Should Take

There are some prevention tips that you should follow to avoid getting yellow toenails during pregnancy. So, look at the below tips and try to follow with your everyday routine.

  • Keep your nails clean and dry during pregnancy.
  • Do not pick or bite at your nails.
  • Try to short nails for a while.
  • Try to push back your cuticles gently, rather than cutting them.
  • Apply a good moisturizing cream onto your toes at bedtime.
  • Clean your nails with alcohol to minimize the chances of getting yellow toenails.
  • Do not dig out ingrown toenails, if they get painful you should see a doctor.


Pregnancy is a very beautiful and memorable event in every woman’s life. But, there is a lot that woman has to face during pregnancy and one of the common issues is the yellow toenails. Yes, your toenails may change to yellow in color during pregnancy. But, do not worry because you can cure yellow nails while pregnant with an ease.

You can try the home remedies to treat toenail infection during pregnancy. The above-mentioned home remedies are very safe and easy to apply. So, try these remedies and treat your yellow toenails well. You can also follow the above-mentioned prevention tips so that you can avoid having yellow toenails during pregnancy.


Learn Best Ways To Cure Yellow Toenails During Pregnancy Naturally
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Learn Best Ways To Cure Yellow Toenails During Pregnancy Naturally
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